Why is the liberal media brand Russian march?

On the eve of November 4, Day of National Unity, in the evening in the store, I heard a conversation between two women:
— Hey, holiday, I do not know how to say, whether that be tomorrow? — Asks one. — So he 4th or 5th?
— What's it cares — another surprise — given the extra day off and be happy.

Duped the population of Russia will gladly undertook the "extra day off" on the sofas and kitchens at the TV screen, and not realizing that celebrate these days in Russia, and that the story is happening now on the streets of their cities. According to Russian saying "Once a pig look up at the sky." Here in Moscow, polls have shown that most people never heard of Minin and Pozharsky liberated Moscow 400 years ago, from the invasion of the strange, and the people did not know that the Russian people, in response to new oppression and occupation was collected on the streets of Moscow Russian March . And worse, many people knew about the Russian March, but kochevryazhilis sitting in their warm and hlevushkah cubbyhole, they say, will not agree with the Nazis to march (that Nazis called Russian March participants in all the liberal government and the media). Who were afraid of imaginary fascists who did not want to walk in the same columns with disfavor them leaders who covered his cowardice and laziness excuse: then walk through the streets in vain, that's when a real riot begins, then we go out! ..

But even without those who do not know anything about the history of his country, and no craven, frightened bogey defunct Russian fascism, and no talkers, justifying their unwillingness to stand domesticity in one column with "extremist leaders" without lazy and sluggard, who assert that will be released only to the "real thing" — and without them, gathered in Moscow on November 4 from 30 to 35 thousand people. That is the number of participants called Russian March in their reports to the Kremlin responsible agency MIA. Means a mass of the same Kremlin lowered strict directive: stubbornly and stupidly repeating that in the Russian march involved no more than six thousand people. All TV channels, radio channels and all, and all the agencies, his teeth chattering with fear, confirmed this figure — six thousand, six thousand, six thousand … What are the six thousand! Discover photos, video on the Internet and math. Long columns Russian march stretched solid masses of 200 meters per kilometer waterfront. The width of the column where there where wider, on average — 10 meters. It turns out that the crowded space was 12,000 square meters. Multiplying this area for four people, as do the special services, estimating the number of the crowd. That's four people fit in one square meter. 48 thousand people work. But given the fact that people were not as tight as they are in a crowd, multiply the 12,000 square feet on three men, and go out on almost the same number as that reported to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kremlin. And even if we had less, the same six thousand, who would have noticed Russian march in the media who rushed to defame and scream that the Russian looked up. Russian march would prefer to simply ignore. 30-35 thousand — a formidable figure, that scream in rage, so they try to slander, obhamit, bait.

No, I tell you, more appealing to those same fans sofa and TV, it is the fear of the new Russian power makes the power and the Liberals all shrill and assertive brand Russian nationalists accuse them of non-existent sins, extremism and fascism, in the split of the country. On the eve of the march a senator from Chelyabinsk, 30-year-old Chechen Ruslan Gattarov applied to the Mayor of Moscow, demanding transfer Russian march from Moscow center in Lublin, since it is impossible to deny. Without the slightest regard for the fact that, as a senator in the Federation Council is Russian Chelyabinsk region, Gattarov violently slandered Russian, they say, on the former Russian march on display swastikas and Nazi slogans were heard. And now will sound — go into hysterics Gattarov. Senator initiative Chechen migrants caught Association of Russia. Migrants (!) Required and listen to their statement!, Prohibit Russian march because it incites ethnic hatred. Awakened by migrants as Herzen Decembrists, suddenly looked up professional wrestlers with the Russian people Alla Gerber and Oleg Basilashvili who urged people to anti-fascist rally, not to dare nationalists in Russia to lift his head.

Yes fullness, in their country we live in? Migrants and citizens of Israel forbid us to go to the streets with a legal requirement to stop the genocide of the Russian people — the state-of the people of Russia! Up to what we have come to national shame! At what national bottom dropped! We Russian prohibit protest against his death. And that plague the Russian people comes from power, visible even from the official statistics. To quote the article "In lean treasury live not just" from the latest issue of "The Russian Federation» (№ 20, October 2012): "In the more than 80 percent of Russians are anything but wages do not. And more than half of them, it is less than 7.5 thousand rubles per month. Good salary — more than 50 thousand have only 1.8 percent of the population. The most fundamental measure — 50 percent of national wealth owned by the same percentage of the population of Russia. " Yes we know without numbers, it is. One has only to look at the city and unclaimed dying village on the sinful, surrendered, obydlennyh people. But if one thinks that this problem only came to his village, to his town, and all-Russia is thriving and modernized, here is the expert opinion of an alien, a Nobel Prize-winning economist D. J. Stiglitz: "Russia has found the worst of each possible state of society — a huge decline, followed by an equally large increase in inequality. And the forecast for the future is gloomy. Extreme inequality hinders growth "(the magazine" Russian Federation », № 20, October 2012). But our inequality scared by the fact that it — national inequality. Worst of all, worse of all, it is poorer than the lives of all Russian people. Least of all funds released to social survival is the Russian people. That's why today is the extinction of our rapidly. Look at the statistics of maternity hospitals in Moscow. More than half of births in metropolitan hospitals migrants. And they can live in Moscow for ten years, without registration, but each year to give birth to children who are citizens of Russia. And where is our, Russian children? They are not. After all, we, Russian, can not feed them scraps, bring in the doorways or delivered to the state in an orphanage. And because Russian did not give birth, and because Russian extinct. And here are the first attempt of the national spiritual uprising — namely an attempt opamyatovaniya national, national indignation and protest is a Russian march — these attempts to violently jammed, hateful ignore or try to slander.

Now, those who have not entered the Russian March, who is afraid, who was sick, listen to what it was. I stood in Lavrushinsky Lane at the Tretyakov Gallery, waiting for allies, and by me since 11:00 was an endless stream of people. These were the Russian people, mostly young and middle age, the vast majority of men. Strong, determined, strong-willed person. Face illuminated by a sense of justice, the person with the inner fire of conscience, they were not like that crowd that only stupidly wandering through the bazaars in search of cheap food or chewing gum in TV serials. Russian faces a meaningful purpose — unity and oneness — that's a sign of the coming of the Russian national uprising. We moved to the waterfront, waiting, as usual, zealous police search and arrogant head of internal troops. However, the police was calm and looked at us with a human understanding. This understanding is not play, it's not sympathy vpishesh to police instructions. Just militiamen and police — the same people, most of them are still Russian people and Russian march was to defend their national rights.

When we went to the waterfront, to line up in a column of the Union of the Russian people, led by the former Special Forces soldiers were stories Chubais in the prisoner uniform, I was pleased to see that the embankment completely filled with people. Dense rows of young people of different Russian national associations and organizations were so close that through them you can just squeeze through. But no one was angry and did not complain of overcrowding. All is a sense of unity — side by side, one after another, a single armed force to demonstrate that the Russian people to defend their rights.

Russian march moved along the waterfront, the city resounded with words, which is destined to one day become a reality: "Russia — the Russian government", "Russian, forward!". Onlookers and cameras on the Crimean bridge tightly clustered around parapets and railings, the procession turned into the area to the Central House of the artist, where the rally was to be held. Only here, the crowd filled the square, and on it, usually empty and spacious, it was crowded with people and flags, we realized that he had made that day. Russian history has received a boost Russian era reborn to a new life.

A long time ago, these places are not seen such a gathering of people, truly Russian people. The last time it happened exactly 400 years ago. It was then, in 1612, the twenty-sixth day of October, the fourth of November, new style, here on this very spot where now is the Crimean Bridge, an elected people of the whole earth Kozma Minin with his regiment defeated regular troops of the Polish governor Khotkevych. Then, in the Time of Troubles, the Poles were ready to fight with the Russian commanders, Dmitry Pozharsky, who commanded the army of professional Russian soldiers, and Dmitry Trubetskoy, who led the Russian Cossacks. But they made fun of shopping man Kuzma Minin, believing that his army, collected from people run away at the first impact. And Minin with his regiment the people hit by the Poles, so that decided the outcome of the battle. And this is the mystical historical circumstances occurred on the very spot where we stood November 4, 2012 — at the Crimean Bridge. The land itself, this blood soaked Russian heroes, who have come together 400 years ago with the whole of Russia, our capital strength, and in the face of Mother Earth at this sacred place was an example of the new Russian unity.

Notice the amazing facts of historical coincidence: the Troubles the same, the one that overcame Russian 400 years ago, and modern Russian Troubles have distinct similarities. As in those terrible times — impostors in the Kremlin. As then, solemnly, thriftily they enter the Kremlin gates, people are not asking, depicting popular election to the throne. Now, as then, meet some of their national representatives bread and salt, happily ringing the bells. As before, they bless the Church hierarchy. Remember how we supposedly elected presidents in 20 years. Who drove to the Kremlin — is right, and the elections — a trick and agility bureaucratic rogue hands. As in earlier times, impostors now manage Russian treasury on a whim, and ndravitsya greed, robbing people and are not going to feed him, take care of him. For twenty years abroad derived capital of two trillion dollars! This is the official statistics? The same statistics indicate that as many as were our losses during the Great Patriotic War. As in the days of the first Russian Troubles, the boundaries of our country wide open to foreigners only on the Russian-Chinese border, destroyed more than 1,800 border towns and border towers now sit dummy border over which the Chinese laugh who export echelons of our country's wealth. As in the hard times of the first Russian Troubles, our dignitaries and officials, many of the clergy have betrayed the nation izmalodushestvovalis, pledging themselves become thieves and robbers. The Golden Calf is now their main idol, and they are willing to pay for him to mock, and homeland and nation, and the nation. What do today's nobles — they plunder the treasury, destroying entire industries that are delivered as on feeding.

Grave and terrible times again came to Russia, but the tragic similarities amazingly give us hope for the future salvation. Indeed, in the first Russian Troubles, when the whole of Moscow swore allegiance to the Polish king Sigismund, one person did not agree with treasonable oath. This was the Patriarch Hermogenes. Incarcerated in a dungeon Chudovsky monastery dying of starvation, he managed to send their letters to Russia, which urged Russia "to dare the blood rise to the Polish and Lithuanian people" fight to the death for their country and faith. One man, not surrendered, not broken holy Hermogenes, who died of starvation in February 1612, decided the fate of Russia. Its military spirit, his fiery words to raise the Russian people after the death of the holy martyr to fight the invaders. And when today many retreat and give up before they think daunting task of overcoming the new Troubles, think, and unless Kuzma Minin was easy to pick up people? Do you think he was so easily — from the raid to convince Pozharsky to take command of the militia. Think Minin like that, without any effort, only one cap in a circle, collected money for the militia? No. And we see, and threatened and took hostage the wives and children of rich Russian merchants to fork out and bought his neighbors by giving money to a common treasury — to arm the military army. Minin and Pozharsky and survived an assassination attempt, and disorders, and intrigue, and riots, but held out, knowing that the price of their unity — the Russian state and the Russian people. And now we are overcome all of the same disease: the leaders and discord, and the intrigues of the Kremlin zaslantsev and slander hired talkers on our Russian unity, and the attempt on the life of our future governor, and direct killing, it is only in the last few years, mysteriously left Vyacheslav life Fangs, Viktor Ilyukhin — all the diabolical tricks confront the fact that the Russian people did not rise, combined. But in our eyes, is the union took place. By the will of God and mystical stories, it was held at the Crimean Bridge, where 400 years ago, was given the last decisive battle of the first Russian Troubles. Let our Russian march will start the end of the Second Russian Rebellion!

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