Why Russia shpegavats for Khrushchev's great-granddaughter?

"Fat that came intercity bus" — an article under the headline published American magazine "Foreign Policy". Author publication — Nina Khrushchev, lecturer in International Relations at New York University, The New School, the great-granddaughter of Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev. Below — the text of the article.

The story of how the newly introduced Russian spies sent into the high echelons of American society (starting with the City of Montclair, in the state of New Jersey), demonstrates once again the old axiom — History repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce. Twelve Russian agents sent to the U.S. by former international division of the KGB, now known as the Foreign Intelligence Service, seems to spend more time on the seat in Facebooku than searching for secrets. Like the heroes of Dan Aykroyd and Chase Chevi in the old burlesque movie "Spies Like Us", like those carried over from the books of John Le Carre's characters look much more stupid than their predecessors imaginary pair of "cold war."

I have my own experience of contact with the bacon that came in from the cold, more precisely, on the cold streets of Philadelphia. Within three years, Richard Murphy, aka Michael Kutsyk, aka Vladimir Guriev attended classes of international relations in the New School, and regularly came to my office.

I thought he was — an ordinary student.

We did not exchange state secrets, do not use phrases of spy jargon like "tail for me" or "I'm under the hood." I was a supervisor the man. We talked about his training program, its success and addiction. At first I thought he was — a regular student, like all the rest, but there was something strange in that the owner of a strong Russian accent and an Irish-American name.

It was clear that Richard Murphy — Russian. He constantly complained to their estimates (although they had been great), to documents on the all-clear — no matter what I tried to talk to him to comfort him. He just as easily offended as a Muscovite, who put down the queue — unlike my other American students, full of optimism and always ready to leave a good impression. Moreover, even though we're both Russians, he never tried to contact me in Russian and did not ask a single question about my great-grandfather, Nikita Khrushchev, although it would be very natural, as to take into account its origins.

However, I did not try to learn anything. I came to the conclusion that he has a reason not to reveal to me his private life. In 2005, he received a diploma, and I forgot about it.

Ironically, the reason probably is that I myself was less than Russian,

It was clear that Richard Murphy — Russian.

that in fact less suspicious and less prone to paranoid thoughts become more respect for privacy. That's why I did not ask questions that could destroy his legend even five years ago (I will not say, however, that the FBI is so needed to convict these naive spies — they were united under surveillance at the time of his arrival in America.) Here am I, along with all the other reading about spies and gradually realized the true inside story of my former ward.

Now it seems funny joke, but the truth behind this, it is not causing laughter. If you can get out of espionage at least some idea of national character (and must possible, as the shadow can get an idea of the body, which reflects that the shadow), the latter is the case exposed the terrible secrets of the former KGB spy Vladimir Putin: old recipes, according to which it is trying to strengthen the position of Russia in the modern world, including and methods for the preparation of spies is outdated.

Moreover, the spy game, in which for many years played a superpower with each other and that's so exciting described Ian Fleming, Tom Clancy and John Le Carre, lost its ideological value.

Now it seems ridiculous joke.

These days, between Russia and the United States virtually no political opposition, the country peacefully co-exist with each other, and not at all like the old cliche implies a pair of "cold war." So the new spies who have no ideological motivation (because communists and capitalists alike bourgeois in nature, so there is no need to prove to each other that someone is the best), are committed to teaching the photos on Facebooku, instead are sending coded messages with sensitive information to their homeland.

The authorities of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service is still, apparently, thinks that the court "cold war", but in reality we are no longer enemies. A Russian themselves fat, seems to be just no idea what they were like. Therefore, the Russian remake of "Spies Like Us" was a farce.

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