Wind storm hit Poland, injuring three people

Wind storm hit Poland, injuring three peopleGale force of up to 140 kilometers per hour hit Poland, injured three people, according to the Polish media on Saturday.

According to the representative of the Provincial Fire Guard commandant in Katowice Jaroslaw Wojtasik, "in Silesia most affected residents in Bielsko-Biala, Pszczyna Tesin and around."

Strong wind tore off roofs, broken trees and damaged power lines. Some residents and tourists in the famous winter resort of Zakopane were without electricity.

Seriously wounded an employee of one of the hotels in Zakopane, which fell tube boiler.

Because of the strong wind in the Tatras left work the cable car to Kasprowy Top.

In several provinces of Poland fallen trees completely crushed cars parked nearby.

In Opole voivodship wind storm knocked off the road just two trucks in the ditch.

Polish Railways warn passengers about possible lateness of trains due to bad weather in western Poland and Silesia.

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