Winter has arranged the world put to test

Custom for the winter weather that prevails in Russia, is in on the other side of the ocean. Before the first day of winter in the south-eastern states of Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee snowed. There, in the early morning fog on a slippery road facing 174 car.

On the same day in California hurricane left without electricity and heat for more than 20 thousand inhabitants. Wind speed above 150 kilometers per hour. The streets of cities and towns have been blocked by thousands of fallen trees, poles and billboards. At the same time, the north — in Washington and New York — was a plus 21-22 degrees.

In Brazil from the beginning of December it was summer. But it started cold snap in the south. There, the temperature dropped to 0. It happens very rarely, even in winter, and a serious threat to local agriculture.

In Europe, an unusually long time waiting for the snow in the Alps. In Switzerland, the ski season was in jeopardy. Popular resorts on the slopes until December greener grass.

Similar problems faced in Austria. There, the owner of one of the resorts hired a squad sweeps them to pray for snow. According to local belief, chimney sweeps bring luck.

In early December, the United Kingdom experienced a powerful blow to the elements. To Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland hit the strongest in 15 years storm. Wind gusts up to 240 kilometers per hour. On the coast — multimeter waves. The authorities asked residents not to leave their homes, and especially not to drive. Due to wire breakage was disrupted train schedule and schedule airports — Edinburgh and Glasgow have canceled or postponed dozens of flights.

This cyclone is covered and the Scandinavian Peninsula. In Sweden he brought gales with gusts up to 90 miles per hour and heavy snowfalls. Drifts and ice on the roads caused hundreds of minor and major accidents. In one of the accidents overturned a bus carrying a hockey team. Some areas have had to close the highway and stop train service. Without electricity, there are 16 million homes. The water level in the sea up to a half meter. The streets of coastal towns are covered by water.

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