Wozniak: Footage confirm the version of protection, not the prosecution case

Frunze district court of Minsk continued to hear the case of former presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyayev and Vitaly Rymashevsky, as well as members of staff Neklyaeva Andrei Dmitriev, Alexander Feduta and Sergei Wozniak and activist Anastasia Palazhanka. Monday began viewing video case and was questioned as a witness Paul Seviarynets.

In the courtroom in the morning was a huge monitor. Initially viewed videos of Neklyaeva meetings with voters and his speech on Belarusian TV. And then there were technical problems. Showed a video from the area. On the screen — freeze-frame, where a close-up Anastasia Palazhanka, and voice-overs sound masculine. Nekljaev outraged.

Lawyer Tamara Sidorenko Neklyaeva evidence supports the observation of these images can be. The judge has to declare breaks for equipment settings. Alexander Fyaduta breaks or restrained emotion:

"Money to eavesdrop, to spy on the rest of the country, they have. And the fact that their courts for their own purposes could all take advantage of it, they have no equipment … "

And showed video of the incident on the street The collector. It was clearly visible, people in black were no markings and labels on the clothes. Close-up showed a broken face Neklyaeva. Sergei Wozniak after viewing opined:

All evidence obtained of the investigation group, confirm our version, not the prosecution case.

"Video support the version of the defense, not the prosecution, which called for a peaceful demonstration, that all of these provocateurs must be isolated … That is, all evidence obtained of the investigation group, confirm our version, not the prosecution. "

Reporter"Revealed even photos taken" Our Niva "…

"So you can see that the two policemen, traffic police officers, ilzhesvedchyli, said that there were inscriptions" Police "on the backs of the men in black, and there was no inscription, we saw it. That is, they need to draw on the 401 th article of perjury. They were warned about criminal responsibility. "

At the end of the day the court heard as a witness Paul Sevyarinets, which was released only in the morning in the courtroom.

Tuesday will continue viewing video, and, according to lawyers may begin litigation.


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