YAK-42. Test results

YAK-42.  Experimental results

As it became clear, "b", yesterday spetsy Flight Test Institute named after Gromov involved in the investigation of the disaster Yak-42D with a hockey team of Yaroslavl "Locomotive" on board, graduated series of flight tests. They were very consistent version of that plane and its passengers ruined one of the pilots, the brakes during takeoff. The panelists they say that, if this pilot generally opted out of control, takeoff would pass normally.

Thanks to the steady good weather test pilots Gromov Flight Research Institute yesterday twice raised in the air Yak-42 in Zhukovsky, observing all the characteristics of the fatal takeoff on September 7 in Yaroslavl Yaroslavl airport. Pilottester, who was sitting in the left seat commander, mimicking the actions of its own dead colleagues from the company "Yak-Service", held during the dispersal of foot on the brake pedal. Immediately he had to pull back on the steering wheel itself, lifting the elevator car in the nose-up position. Unlike yesterday's flight from the 5 past (see "Kommersant" on 15 October) was that now to the aircraft control column was attached a special device — a dynamometer, which measures the force of hands pilot.

While the elevator was in a normal take-off position, the Yak-42D — 5-6 degrees, the efforts of the pilot, as shown by the device required a completely unimportant — just a few kilograms. In other words, even in an awkward position, with your feet on the pedals, the pilot was able to maintain the correct flight configuration of the machine. But, as evident from the data flight recorder of crashed aircraft, its altitude control even during the crackdown was initially rejected by 10 degrees, and then, to clear off the ground, and up to 13 degrees. When the testers tried to reproduce this deviation from it took them, according to the testimony of the dynamometer force already in the hands of 10s kg.

Ensure that it is not resting his feet in the brake pedal, testers, they said, were not able to. To keep the same position in the elevator 13 degrees pilot managed within a few seconds. In order to provide the required force of 64 kg, the tester had all his might to put pressure on the brakes.

The latter, or, as they say themselves testers, the latter takeoff became a kind of shows. Removing and installing the elevator in the regular position 5 degrees, testers simply removed his hands and feet with the government machinery, seems to be absent from the pilot, and Yak-42 confidently took to the air.

So Makarov, during flight test version was experimentally confirmed that the Yak-42 and 45 people on board, is not ruined technical malfunctions or problems with fuel quality, and specifically the braking torque on its wheels. He was re-created as not a failed technology, and manage pilot who for some reason put his feet on the pedals during takeoff.

The results of flight tests will form the basis of the report of the Technical Commission of the causes of the disaster Yak-42D. Experts, as it became clear "Y", have already started its preparation.

Sergei Mashḳin

Details: http://www.kommersant.ru/doc-y/1798244

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