Yanukovych refused to NATO, but wants the European Union

The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych signed the law on the principles of Ukrainian domestic and foreign policy, said "Ukraïnska true." The law provides pazablekavy status of the state, making impossible for Ukraine's entry into NATO.

Among the main principles in the document referred to the full participation of Ukraine in the European and regional systems of collective security, the acquisition of Ukraine's membership in the European Union, while maintaining good neighborly relations and strategic partnership with Russia, other countries CIS, as well as with other countries.

Moreover, written in the law "language issue": provides "software development and functioning of Ukrainian as the state language in all spheres of social life throughout the territory of Ukraine, as well as guarantee the free development, use and protection Russian language, other languages of national minorities. "

July 1 Verkhovna Rada adopted the law passed on for consideration by the President Yanukovich.

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