Yarosh Maliszewski — an encyclopedia, you should have every Belarusian family


Encyclopedia of ON in 3 volumes.

Minsk, BelEn, 2010

How to recognize our "main competitors" in the joint once the state — they have not yet implemented such a publication. Three volumes of the ones that are really nice to pick up and present the international guests will not be ashamed. The publication was the one that waited and bought even far from the stories Belarusians. Here is ON, so to speak, sort through maps and language, symbols and money, education and the war … Illustrations are also missing, so the introduction of state-boring process can not happen. Three volumes of information are brick-charge capable to give a good idea of the Grand Duchy. A printed manuals and other documents directly to show who and what. Encyclopedia did not exhaustive, but she closed the void that has existed until now. And then — the need to improve.

Encyclopedia of Literature and Arts of Belarus in 5 volumes.

Minsk, "the Belarusian Soviet Encyclopedia", 1984

Although here and there according to the time of publishing the words "raskvitnenne Belarus in fraternal union," but in the pages of pyatsitomnika the reader can make a good grasp of the cultural achievements of Belarus "on all fronts" and far from the seventeenth year. A lot of what then was different: in the photo — the old regional costumes, more "authentic media," Mir Castle, so long as a romantic ruin, marshy wooden church, still covered with genuine shingles. It combines everything — work / collective farmers and seventeenth-century gentleman, a hero of the October Revolution and Barkulabovskogo Chronicle. Encyclopedia of all — the thing that is often very quickly "arhaizuetstsa." It is important that this archaic to be healthy, or at least understandable. And then — a vivid slice the times. Despite the "all", there is a rod — Belarus is original and interesting, no matter what was asked of the general line.

Nature Encyclopedia of Belarus in 5 volumes.

Minsk, Byelorussian Soviet Encyclopedia, 1986

If we talk about the "raised" theme, and a massive and weighty in every sense pyatsitomnik the first. Under supervokladkay was gathered that until now has been scattered in different publications, which are often paid attention except that the scientists. And then at least examining what the topic, although proving their case in the dispute — he took that off the shelf and put a break point. Much interesting now to compare. Time flies. Some of the described natural monuments have disappeared, remaining dedicated articles — for example, oak Mickiewicz Schorsy … Some of the flora and fauna, whose presence before in our area were not recorded, so much vtryvalilisya here, pushing the natives … Many on the output of this encyclopedia very useful Russian-Belarusian dictionary, because not all had grandparents in the village that could describe what it is, for example, svyatayannik, series or ptushanets. And here, though often in the form of "popular" titles they have.

Belarusian folklore. Encyclopaedia in 2 volumes.

Minsk, BelEn 2006

It is hard to imagine anything more limitless for our folklore — the one a fantastic source of inspiration for poets, artists, musicians … That source, despite the departure of folklore "in pure form" of the villages, and will remain inexhaustible. After all, what is already recorded, enough for endless wanderings in creativity and science. "Belarusian folklore" was the first scientific reference book about the spiritual culture of the Belarusians. And the goal — to reflect the richness and uniqueness of our artistic creativity — failed.

A separate theme — design encyclopedia. Those figures, which specifically made for the publication of the artist Uladtmer Slavuk, fascinating in themselves and that alone they can be seen for hours. Without realizing it, all of a sudden you can go one path, which leads to a fairy tale. Which, as can be shown, very close. Of sprites, hobgoblins, werewolves, and pyarevatnyami shooting star. One has only to open the book.

Potatoes Belarus. Encyclopedia.

Minsk, BelEn 2008

Such publication in Belarus simply could not appear. Be that as it made fun of us some, and encyclopedia devoted to the potato — a thing we can say is required. That's just it would be necessary to publish it in the Belarusian … It collected, of course, not all. However, little information is enough to say that inshaplyanetsyanin that happened to be in the store or Zhlobin Minsk, aware of the main crops, without which today's blue-eyed is not perceived. What today! Sometimes it's hard to imagine how it is our soldiers before or after Grunwald Krapivny not pull out of Prisca roasted root vegetables. And it was … In the book, which just will not find on the theme "second bread". Here and about the various sorts, training, storage, selection … Potatoes — a beautiful model, not only flowers and happy but ill. Therefore, the attention and it is not passed: weeds and pests, diseases and their treatment … And having waited hundreds of recipes call for try at least some of them, turning the stove or oven. So that the study of the theory at once easy to translate into practice. And tasty.



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