Yeti — unusual creatures

A team of researchers from the UK and Switzerland is ready to thoroughly examine the DNA of the remains of the alleged Bigfoot from around the world. Zoological Museum, Lausanne is already taking the parcel with samples of bone, hair and other organic materials, allegedly belonging to the yeti.

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According to project leader Professor Bryan Sykes (Oxford), some samples from the archives of Lausanne has been the examination, but in recent years "analysis methods, in particular the analysis of hair, were a significant improvement that has occurred in using forensic techniques."

This will literally dig a little deeper and find out what is and who the yeti. Because until now Bigfoot and so could not catch him. The English county of Cornwall agitated by a series of mysterious murders horses. It is assumed that it made a yeti. But so far no evidence for this is not yet available. The corpse of the first animal, whose owner remains unknown, found decapitated on the ocean. Next to him stood a large wooden crucifix, topped the dead body of gulls, and the sand was derived phrase "Rest in peace."

The second victim — a pregnant mare Penny — was brutally mutilated in a field near the pasture. The vet could not save her or the fetus. Both murders took place on the night of the full moon, and the police are investigating the case suspect that the animals were sacrificed during a satanic ritual. However, local residents believe that it's the sinking of the Yeti.

A month earlier, in the County found the body of a stallion named Erik — his right eye was removed, removed all his teeth and cut off the genitals. "It's hard to imagine people capable of such a thing. Therefore, I and all my friends think it makes the Yeti "- laments farmer Rupert Worrell, former owner of the mare Penny.

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