You can not take a picture of the human aura




In Moscow store that sells esoteric products, with a special technique you can take a picture of his own aura and obtain appropriate professional advice. But from the point of view of the British scientist, pictures like an impossible thing, because the "aura" — a product of the brain of the man who watches her from others.

Called in the esoteric aura brightened the human energy field, which is able to contemplate only the elect. British psychologist Jamie Ward doubts that the energy fields can glow in different colors. In his opinion, it is a rare psychological phenomenon — synesthesia. Perception sinestetikov has a dual nature: they see colors at a time when the perceived sound, and vice versa — perceive sounds in the form of color.

Ward has tested a woman who at the sight of certain people see their aura. The colors of lighting depends on the person. For example, his friend James sees the lady in pink, and the other friend — Hannah — in blue. A researcher from the University College London argues that the glow does not exist by itself, but only when she hears or reads the name of a person — in this case, the field of view to brighten certain colors that exist, rather, in the mind of the recipient. He gave his "experimental" read the name of a hundred words that in its emotional effects were divided into seven categories. The most emotionally powerful concept called the corresponding colors in sight women sinestetika. Words that cause positive association seen in pink, orange, yellow or green. Negative concepts were brown, gray or black.

Synesthesia — rarely occurring phenomenon. Of the 2 million people only one has the ability to see color glow. The vast majority of sinestetikov — women ..

Ward believes that after his research people will perceive different phenomenon aura. "Rather than to believe that a person has some kind of aura or energy fields that can be fixed with the help of supernatural powers or a special camera, people will understand that we are talking about the phenomenon of synesthesia" — naively hoped scientist.

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