You have a ghost in the apartment? Get rid of him!

Ghost is called the spirit of a deceased person who did not find peace in another world. It is assumed that, in general, they are the spirits of people who died a violent death or terrible. Most of these ghosts are close relatives, but this is not always the case.

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Restless souls are usually the people in the "witching hour", this time from midnight to three o'clock in the morning. And we are not talking about the time in which we live, and the astronomical. Familiarity with the ghost would not be good, and most likely after the visit you are very ill, so it is important to know how to protect yourself and your home from such guests.

Losing a loved one is always a pain and tears, but try not to cry, pull yourself together. Frequent tears and thoughts about this person, you link it to the world and do not give to get into another. Try to let go of it, thinking about it with a smile and gratitude. Cover all the mirrors in the house, that the spirit of the deceased is not hidden in the mirror, and then, after waiting a while, do not you started to attend. Moreover, the very same does not look in the mirror after midnight, there is a risk that they themselves turn into a ghost.

If you for some reason were not able to be at the funeral of a loved one, it is necessary in the evening (not at night!) Light the candle and the church mentally talk to the dead. Ask for forgiveness, not able to be there and spend his last journey. This should be done nine nights in a row, the number of candles burned even and the light of the need of each other.

Be sure to visit the temple, order a memorial service and pray. It is that ghosts pop up and suddenly, despite the fact that all of your loved ones are safe and sound. What would prevent the next visit, insert something sharp (eg a nail) in his appearance.

From their appearance protect chalcedony stones and obsidian. Decorating with them will save you from unwanted encounters. You can still carry salt sprinkled on the threshold, has the property not to let the ghost in the house.

Horseshoe can bring not only luck, but also prevent ghost get into the house. Hang it over the door horns up, to protect the house.
And most importantly, remember that you should not be afraid of ghosts, fear their only fueling and prolonging presence in this world.

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