Young shooter Sniper — Vasily Kurka

August 29, 1942 at the headquarters of the 18th Army was ordered Commander of the North — the Caucasus Front, demanding extensively to develop and popularize the sniper movement. In the units of the identified best hands, which were organized by sniper art classes were held 2— three-day gathering of snipers, where they exchanged combat experience. In the regiments were created sniper groups, which together with opytneyshemi were masters of fire and rising arrows, which contributed to the preparation of snipers in the shortest possible time.

As a result of the work done by the end of September in the units of the army was about 220 snipers had killed 3,500 in the account of the whole army of enemies learned the names of the masters of sniper fire E. Adam, M. Bryksina, A. Bubyr, A. Yeralievo, M. Rat , W. Kurki, R. Mamatova, N. Naumova, N. Samson, N. Yudin, and many others whose experience is promoted army and front seal. ***

…August 1941. The village Lyubomirka Vinnytsia region after a bloody battle located 2nd Infantry Battalion Major Andreev. Here supposed to take up the defense. When they buried the dead and the wounded were sent to the rear, it appears that nothing has offices in 2 — 3 fighter, the whole battalion was a case in the best company, and then the incomplete structure. Recharge has been reported. In the early afternoon to Mayor Andreev and battalion senior political commissar came Shurfinskomu 8 local residents. They were asked to enroll their soldiers of the battalion. At the door of the Commissioner saw the snub bad boy. "- And who are you?" — Asked him Shurfinsky. "- Bob Kurka, "- said the boy." — How many years for you? '"- And that does not take? 13 years old I already large. And I will fight as anything you'll see … "

By nightfall the battalion on orders Lyubomirku left. Coupled with the soldiers went to the east and Bob Kurka. Thus began his life as a soldier fighting. During the soldier's life a lot of friends came Vasya, in almost all the battles he participated. And all — still the most memorable to him first bout and his first mate.

It was in the Donbas under Chistyakov. Bob went to explore together with the step — the young sergeant. Stepan was older, taller, he almost smiled, read occasionally. And Bob and Stepan were ordered to go to the front line and get information about the enemy. On the way to Chistyakov placed little farm, where once stood the battalion. Stepan said: "- This one grandmother lives, go drink some water." But this grandmother was a traitor. Stepan opened the door, immediately found out his grandmother. "- Bolshevik!" — Clicked it.
Was nowhere to run. As if out — under the earth grew Germans. They grabbed Vasya and steppes, and threw them into the cellar. "- I, John, will hardly get out. Granny says everything about me. Mach I gave up, and when we stood with the reconnaissance platoon, friendly … To admit I was not going to them, and you are states like just stuck to the road Me. And cry, ask them … "

Bob wanted to answer, but Stepan interrupted him: — "I will not ask, and I order. Die I'm alone I can, and you end up exploration brought. Figure out exactly whether there is Chistyakov tanks."

Stepan Germans sent for interrogation to the city, and Basil, they believed that it was the case with Stepan and released. Bob has fulfilled all that he chastised Stepan. He walked, crawled, we move through the stream, slipped into town and reread every one of the enemy tanks. By the end of day or safely returned to the battalion commander reported. An hour later, Russian planes bombed a column of German tanks under Chistyakov. Vasya Kurkov bestowed the first combat service — the medal "For Courage".

Not once Bob walked in exploration. When, in 1943 began the scramble for Ukraine, Bob decided to fulfill a longtime dream — to become a sniper. Thundered across the front then the name of Maxim Bryksina known sniper, who had on no account one hundred square meters of destroyed enemies .. Bob Kurka became a disciple of the renowned sniper. Study with Maxim evenly developed Vasya sniper such necessary features as persistence, perseverance, cunning, skill swiftly navigate the terrain.

One day after a hard training Maxim Vasya brought to the area of the 1st company and produced a sniper post. Basil place like it. He carefully wood shovel cleared the approaches straightened peepholes, loopholes, a place for resting the rifle. Max followed the work of his own young friend. "- Now is your task — he said, — a study of defense and the enemy's behavior. Entire day will act as a sniper — watching. Fire do not open themselves did not show up, watch out for German snipers — they, too, do not slurp soup bast."

First lesson was bad. Bob took mock enemy's head for a live shot at the target and declassified own post. Again pulled days of stubborn study. And Bob realized: only careful, painstaking masking and a steel shutter speed will make it a real sniper.

In the end he was allowed to enter into combat with the enemy sniper. Then he had to act without the help of others, and his life in almost everything depended only on himself. Bob fashioned scarecrow, pulled him camouflage cloak and went to the front. Scarecrow found a few meters from the main post and started to pull his rope. And here is the trench slammed a shot, stuffed fallen. And in that moment, Bob saw an enemy sniper who crawled out — for seekers to look at their "sacrifice." With bated breath, one movement Bob summed fly under the goal and smoothly pressed the trigger. Excitement and tension he had not even heard the shot, but clearly saw the twitch here and gone in a trench head of his opponent.

The commander of the regiment before the troops announced Vase gratitude, and then the training continued. With each passing day increased his skill, grew up and exterminated due to opponents.

In the battle of Radomishl Kurka imperceptibly slipped to the edge of the farm and took a comfortable position at the turn of the road. Under the pressure of Russian troops, the soldiers defending the German company singly and in groups began to recede. Here — and then met them with fire from his own ambush Bob Kurka. He almost come near enemy fighter several meters and shot them at close range. Vasya ran out of ammunition. Then he picked up the trophy machine, changed his position and again opened fire. In this battle, the brave sniper laid before the 2-10-s enemy fighter.

After a certain number of days of rifle company led the fight for a strong point. Bob and now proved himself a fearless sniper — scout. He crawled into the rear of the Germans, destroyed several gun emplacements and has promoted company of take a hostile stronghold. For this feat Bob was awarded the Order of the Red Star.

Like — it was ordered to take a company of town east Dovbish. Opponent sweep every inch of land. Then the commander called Vasya and said: — "You have to sneak into the flank Fritz, and look to force their guns fall silent." Bob waited until the burst artillery salvo came meadow, dug a trench and began to work. Here are choked, stopped the German machine gun, later the second. Three gunners one by one rolled off the roof. It was frosty. Poshevelneshsya, the enemy will see, and then the end. But you can not leave. Bob did not move — expected scrutinized, destroying enemies, making way company. A few hours it lasted combat. A company later got up and stormed captured Human pt. When the battle was over, went comma
nder. What he wanted to — it's very decent words to make an assessment of the young sniper. But there was no time to think long and commander only said: — "The Sniper, brother, at times stronger than artillery. huge thank you to you, Bob. And from me, and thank you to the fighters. rescued us." For this fight, Vasya bestowed the Order of the Red Banner.

When the battalion fought in the lands of Poland and Czechoslovakia, Bob became a storm for officers. He led a well-aimed fire on shining binoculars and cockade on the officer's cap, and the NIGHT MODE could hit the enemy on to cigarette lights. And hit the target with the first shot. It was a great skill. Bob shot loopholes bunkers — and froze bunkers, thrashed German snipers and spotters. He was visited for the exchange of experiences from other parts of the snipers.

A fighting everyday Washi last. Was willing to transfer him to the intelligence staff at the front, but he begged to remain in his native regiment. In rather short breaks between fights often Vasya could create among rural children from the local villages. He spoke to them about their soldier's habitation, recalled his native Lyubomirku. But never boasted not put on airs with orders and medals. And the guys were jealous of him, watched with admiration as well sit on it a tunic, lovingly stitched regimental tailor.

…In autumn 1944 are intense fighting in the Sandomierz bridgehead. Bob Kurka operates as a part of the assault team. Braves obsessed with stone structure, but found themselves surrounded. — "John, — says the commander of Petty Officer Leskov — you see a new trench with the progress reports and foxholes?" — "I see. They seem to German machine gun mounted on a tripod." — "That's right. Binoculars I can see it perfectly. Move your — ka my rifle at them, destroy the machine gun — to break through your own." And, as usual, well-aimed shots Bob, just to keep the enemy. — "I see the movement of a small group of people — he reports — creeping along the bushes." — "Wait a minute, Bob, let him come closer." When the Germans came within 300 meters, Kurka opened sighting fire. Taking advantage of the confusion enemy assault team came out of the environment.

…The approaches to the little town Cisna. On a clear morning sky porozovevshem silhouetted enemy aircraft "Focke — Wulf — 189" ("frame" — as it is called our soldiers). The enemy pilot smallish passed over the regimental headquarters. But here's the sound single shot sniper rifles, and German aircraft — scout, shrouded in smoke, falls into the low. Vasya was summoned to the telephone division commander. — "Well done, Kurka, — he said — you're a real sniper, thank you."

…Shparoyvka village in Czechoslovakia. Flying over mounds shells and mines. In the sky is tied dogfight. A little rifle company captured the first line of enemy trenches outside the village, rushed into the breach as a group of gunmen. Together with them, and was Bob. He ran through the enemy trenches, holding a rifle and a grenade at the ready. In the narrow passage, he came across a German non — commissioned officer. It is unrealistic to miss, they came together very tightly. In principle, the first shot and the first shot Bob. Not ran one and 5 meters, being relegated and twirled it around enemy's grenade. Kurka grabbed her longish handle and threw back.

Name Vasey Kurki know even enemies. Prisoner Wehrmacht officer in one of the interviews revealed: German command perfectly clear "that the middle parts of the Russian General Grechko has sverhsnayper, sniper — ace, whose body is almost grown together with a rifle." Not in vain the enemy spoke about the eminent sniper. His accurate fire it, according to incomplete estimates, destroyed several hundred enemies, and among them, more than 80 officers.

But here's the final battle, the last conversation with the commander: "- Tomorrow the battle begins, prepare a good lookout." — "I'll climb out on that pipe, see what kind of high." — "The idea is true, but it is a dangerous business. And hardly zalezesh you there." — "I was already there and he built for himself hanging bench."
Dawned. All the more often and more often flashed gun shots, shots rang out loud and nervously talking among themselves guns. Then subsided, the rattle of machine escalated. Above the brick chimney wind whistled. Bottom ash pit and smell of burning. Pipe a bit — a bit muffled humming and swaying. Bob calmly watched the enemy, corrected firing artillery battery and, as usual, led the relaxed aimed fire, killing the officers and observers. The trumpet was the phone and Bob had a relationship with the gunners. If gunners shot whistled just wide. Kurka amendment.

All morning there was shooting from both sides. Suddenly, at the very top of the tube, where Bob was sitting, the flames broke out, and the pipe enveloped by smoke.

We artillery commander heart sank. He ran to the phone. "- Kurka, Kurka, are you?" But the handset is silent. The officer leaned into the eyepieces of binoculars. Almost at the very middle of the pipe, he saw a ragged hole. Enemy Vasin shell hit the observatory. When a couple of minutes the men approached the tunnel, they saw a bloody piece of paper. Bob wrote on it the coordinates of enemy mortar battery.
And this piece of paper — all that's left of him.

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