Yudashkin said he did not have any relationship to the modern military uniform

Designer Valentin Yudashkin said he did not have to do with today's military uniform no matter, since his initial draft was "grossly misrepresented" Defense.

Military form, one of the developers which is Yudashkin, a couple of times became the premise of scandals due to the massive military winter illnesses. According to media reports, new Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu wanted by the summer of 2013 to change the shape of the military — it will be significantly different from today. Later Defense specified that is concerned only with the improvement of individual parts of the current form. Favorite of the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky offered to condemn the activities of the designer Yudashkin which, According to him, spending cheap money, developed a form that do not apply to the service.

"I'm up to the last placed his hopes that the military is recognized publish any letter, stating that" Valentine Yudashkin Our form has no case, we are "Dolci and dimensions" all by themselves invented, and made happy and will be responsible for the quality, "but they did not, because I do. officially declare that what you carry in army at the moment, is not the form that I and my staff have developed in 2007 by order of the Ministry of Defence, "- said Yudashkin in an interview with the newspaper "Izvestia", posted on Wednesday.

As explained by the designer, he has a letter in which Defense declares that "without the help of others modified the winter and summer uniforms on their codes."

"We can not be responsible for the quality or not of the quality of some clothes and we do not even know who did," — concluded Yudashkin.

The first samples of the latest military uniforms were in 2008 and 2009, participants May Day parades in Moscow and graduates. Officially, it was approved in the spring of 2010, and one hundred percent to the latest form of troops defected in 2011.

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