Yudashkin: The way in which feel cold in the army, has nothing to do with me

Recognizable fashion designer said that the Defense Ministry has changed the project he developed uniforms

Photo: Lime / Alexander Melnikov

Once the new management conspired to get rid of the Defense Ministry "form Yudashkin," fashion designer has decided to declare that it has no present form to any business. In an exclusive interview with "Izvestiya" the designer said that the military grossly misrepresented its initial draft, it changed the fabric, furniture, heat-retaining material. In the end, instead of Innovative forms out fake.

— Valentin Abramovich, why are you just at the moment ventured to declare that the form that is worn in the army does not have to matter to you?

— I'm up to the last placed his hopes that the same military acknowledged publish any letter stating that Valentin Yudashkin our form does not have any business, we do, "Dolci and Gabala" all by themselves invented, made happy and will be responsible for quality, but they did not, because I do.

I officially declare that what is worn in the army at the moment, is not the form that I and my staff have developed in 2007 by order of the Ministry of Defense.

— What's the difference?

— It's, you know, like if you wanted a jacket well-known brands, and to provide you with the Chinese market — like all the same. But in fact it is a fake! In today's other forms of color, composition of fabrics, colors. Other accessories, buttons, Velcro, heat insulator — everything else. If the standard is approved, nothing can change — no buttons or zippers. This is the uniform. It can not now be a little bit greener tomorrow silvered a bit, we ended the paint — podbavim different tone, ran out of buttons — put Velcro poyasochka not — somehow tie up here and there.

What I heard — in one package pants 1st color, the jacket of another, different fabric. This is unacceptable. There can not be a box at the famous cigarettes more or less reddish reddish. There is one and the same background and the same color. This is a brand name. If a hat made of fur, "Cheburashka" there can not be set. And when things begin public and insults in our direction, we believe that this is simply indecent.

— How did you got involved in this? And for what? For the sake of money?

— What resources. Not a fashion house, nor have I gained from this project dime. All funds were transferred directly factories, who sewed seasoned standards. I had an artistic passion — to make large-scale government project to create a beautiful, rich, modern, technological form. We expected that it will breathe life into our newest textile companies will allow them to purchase new machines and new technologies. Personally, I izderzhal two years of life on this thing, researched the history of military uniforms.

To make the front of his jacket, we took something of the form of Suvorov's army, something the army Zhukov from Russian army — the colors, texture. For example, the Russian base color — reddish, who came to us from the Russian-time, very beautiful. To this we added a dove, a bit sea-green, very profound, which is very correct emotions and perfectly blended with reddish. The colors we have, of course, processed, changed the silhouette, as in recent decades has changed cut some clothes and condition of life, the appearance of boys.

Most work has been done to create a field form. We had a task to make a comfortable, fashionable and prestigious odezhku, in what will be comfortable in any climate, at any time of year and day, and that will be a pleasure to wear and after the service, and on the street, and with jeans.

Photo: Lime / Alexander Melnikov

To do this, we studied foreign experience, went to the factories that make uniforms for different armies — for French, Italian, for NATO states. Spent a lot of research and learned a lot of things that are not in ordinary clothes. Many factories were ready to implement a license to unique materials. For example, for many armies use of nanotechnology, membrane tissue, which trap heat and let the water or, on the contrary, retain water, but allow the skin to breathe. The Israeli army has a shoe that you can not take a week — and the leg will be nothing.

Photo: Lime / Alexander Melnikov

All that we have applied to our swatches that are approved and have been created. People came from spetsbrigad which read — it is more convenient to get into this pocket so that the pocket is better to do so. Every step has been verified. You could even take any general's tunic pour coffee, water, juice — and thus drain off. These were special heat treatment.

And finally at the moment it is not clear that sew and it is not clear from what, and all that has neither to me nor to the House's business. We have a letter in which the Ministry of Defence said that without the help of others modified the winter and summer uniforms on their codes. We can not be responsible for the quality or poor quality that some clothes and that does not even know who did.

— And you, as the creator of the development, is not able to reclaim that respects the technology?

— I'm right handed Ministry of Defense. Thought that doing good for the country. Me in the head and could not come, that a good idea because they distort.

— What has particularly shocked at "your" form?

— I am at one point included the telly and saw on the news a fighter with epaulets on his chest. I have thought — what a horror? Remove the straps from her shoulders and actually hang on the tummy — where is the logic? People are proud of their rank, insignia, they are so hard to come by, but they have hidden somewhere, it is not clear why. In any army in the world I beheld on the chest strap. In our swatches straps where necessary — on his shoulders.

Later, all the unique accessories, which we so carefully arranged, — the special buttons, special things that will not melt, different little things comfortable — all of it was taken away and replaced with some other things. And — go figure.

— Have you tried to somehow get through to Minister Serdyukov, to call him to account?

— It was like that song, "Shout, and in response to the silence." We wrote a voice came, but after seeing straps on the chest, I have not talked with the Minister, I was not taken. There are tons of emails — so what? Whenever we asked for — let us at least your press service, we will talk to them. And every time there was no answer.

— And it could be that it just did not you warn me?

— I think these changes would not have been made without his consent. Anything goes — one man took, and the other is quietly changed? Initially accepted our standards, and later dressed all in his boots?

— Well, this form, which is in the army, it is cheaper than your option?

— At times.

— Maybe that's the problem?

— Well, maybe, but what state that it is a form of Yudashkin. There is also the creator — call him, show all, tell who did it.

— In the Tribunal will apply?

— Well, no on his army to the court to file — it
's all the same incorrect and ugly. Why I was silent. Now favored by many, politicians, MPs, including Zhirinovsky, who blames me for what I did not serve in the army. Especially for Zhirinovsky say that two years I served in the Russian army in the topographic service and all the hardships experienced for themselves. Because I will not sue.

— Well, at least Serdyukov has something to answer for it?

— To him personally I have no complaints. Do not judge me, not my question. I do not even want to call themselves the victims in this story. I'm just deeply surprised that we live in a civilized world, in an open space where you can find all the back story, so long as people keep silent and hide behind my naming.

But we value our own reputation. If people even figure out how it was all a matter of fact, it will change the attitude towards us. Because of all these stories we eventually got insults, in this case from ordinary people, and for something that we do not have a case.

— At least they explained to you the reason for?

— The reason is clear no one talked to him. Their one answer — learn by heart, to approve, well, just like in the army.

— If the new Minister Sergei Shoigu will offer for you to go back to the original version and start at the beginning, you agree? Well, or at least participate in the development of modern forms?

— Probably, yes. This is my country, I izderzhal years of his life to the development of the form. Because, naturally, we are ready to assist understand the intricacies of the creation of a military uniform, as has already been studies is making on the subject experienced standards in warehouses. This is a working process that has been started and that can be used for the benefit of the army.

Of course, to finish what at the moment stroll — it is possible. And if you go back to what we were doing and what was accepted, then we are ready to assist.

And the boys who felt frozen in this form, I, of course, sorry.

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