Yuri Gagarin: he was only MIG blinding moment

Double training fighter "MIG-15" "lived" in one day, March 27, 1968, a total of 13 minutes — a baker's dozen. Chkalovsky airfield, 10 hours, 18 minutes, 45 seconds — off. A relatively easy task: to reach the zone number 20 (near Kirzhach and Cover), at an altitude of 4200 meters to make U-turns, slides, dive and turn back. Military meteorologists said weather conditions are not perfect, but generally applicable — two-layer cloud, the first layer at an altitude of 900-1,500 meters, the second — starts from 4800. Visibility between layers — more than 10 km.

After seven minutes of powered flight heard:

— I am 625 th. Occupied zone. I ask the job.

— 625 th, you realized. Permission granted.

"MIG" drawn in the air a huge horizontal "eight". At 10 hours 30 minutes 10 seconds in the 12th minute of the flight, a subsequent report:

— I 625 th. Please turn to a heading 320 (in the language of pilots — flight crew early terminate the job).

625 th, allow it.

— Realizing doing.

This is the last thing said 625 th. Fighter, in full accordance with its title — "MIG" is quickly cut off the tops of the trees and swept inexorably toward the ground, it vvernuvshis corkscrew.

In the coming village Novoselovo Kirzhachsky Vladimir region did not initially realized what happened. He died not 625 th, died 1st — Yuri Gagarin. His team-mate, training regiment commander Vladimir Seregin personal callsign had. Because for us it is gone silent.

Their was only for two MIG between the past and the future. Gagarin's words, spoken even before the start space, were prophetic: "My whole life seems beautiful to me instantly." Not only for you, Yuri. Perhaps you are the only person of whole historical light, without any spots. Impersonating an endless spring, sorry for pathos.

Although some pathos here, all important steps in Gagarin occurred specifically in the spring. March 9, 1934 — the birth, April 9, 1943 — liberation from Nazi occupation, March 3, 1960 — Commander of the Air Force order of admission to the astronaut, April 12, 1961 — taking the unusual tops, April 24, 1967 fatal warning — when returning to ground dead astronaut Vladimir Komarov, who was the understudy Gagarin, March 27, 1968 fate has already taken him.

The fate I'm not just. How many times in your life Yuri could intercede for the last line. He might have on the site's younger brother — Boris, who was hanged on the Hitlerite scarf, but still ran for the camera, little brother managed to pull off. He could break while serving in the North, where another flight immediately akin to exploit.

Chance of returning to the first man alive, healthy, on the mental level is not broken out of space experts at estimated only 40%. Even the official TASS prepared in advance, truly — "just in case". 1st — "Successful", second, if an astronaut falls on the terrain of another country or in the world's oceans — "Message to the governments of other countries" with a request for help, and the third — "tragic." Gagarin himself wrote in the road space a farewell letter to his wife, not sure what will come back. Spouse will give the message at 7 years old when he really did not come back.

After all, being one of the developers of the lunar programs from the USSR, Gagarin was aware — made under it "Soyuz-1" still needs work. He suggested taking the time for the party managing the Yankees as a candidate instead of Vladimir Komarov, although not "substitute" comrade. But in the Politburo's not "fools" were sitting, because they do not have to risk by sending the last journey of another, not so well-known. On board the "Union" Gagarin up with Komarov, and stayed with him until the close of the hatch …

By the way, maybe just this case gave food for folk legend that Gagarin did not die as a result of a training flight, and earlier, experiencing new apparatus Russian "lunar-obletnoy" applets. General versions of the March 1968 disaster exists today already some 10 s. From the "odious" — "took 100 grams of flying" and "scared for cabin depressurization." To the whimsical — "the authorities put in a mental hospital" and "Wang prophesied — Gagarin not killed Gagarin is taken. "

The voice of the pro sudden heart attack at Seregina, about getting into the track flown by the aircraft about a collision with a bird, about the case of the fired missiles …

One can argue about the long-term bad weather criteria, structural shortcomings of fighter conspiracy komplotah, the fatal course of events, sloppiness command, etc. And should it? Remember — "the star that fell through and falls, there is only a moment, blinding moment." Born to be dead space exclusively in flight.

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