Yuri LARGE: Dmitry Anatolyevich, youre wrong

Not applying its veto in the UN Security Council, Our homeland was in a very ugly position.

Not applying its veto in the UN Security Council a week back, cunningly refrained, Our home was in a very ugly position tradesman, who, a broker of social bandit attack on the sovereign government of Libya by the NATO coalition, is now "concerned".

There is still a possibility and more than that, the latter need to radically revise the official position of the Russian Federation.

And when Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin recommended yesterday in Slovenia "to those who gave it all," pray for the salvation of his own soul, then in principle, they may be saved in the end, our first, Russian soul, and our home would not be forever ranked among the organizers of this- rapists, or at least, their appeasers.

But the right of the Russian Federation a diplomatic action is unrealistic to such time as the President of the Russian Federation in its own solutions will come from the obscure, in my opinion, the assumptions and data.

In this situation, I do not see any other choice but to go directly to the President of the Russian Federation as a citizen and as a person.

Pochetaemy Dmitry Anatolyevich!

To appeal to you as a private person to a personal face.

I believe that you are completely wrong in assessing the events around Libya and the actions of in the UN Security Council.

The validity of my words yavna longer even in the most ordinary, "children's" moment.

In his own statement to the Sun You call me and all the people RF and peace "to remember that … reason for the adoption of the resolutions were the acts of the Libyan authorities "and that" everything that is happening in Libya, due to the completely disgusting behavior that produced control of Libya, and those crimes that were committed against its own people, "and" all the rest are the consequences. "

Leaving aside the important question, on the basis of what you have in your possession the evidence you make such judgments about Gaddafi, I would like to recognize where your actions in simple sequence and principles?

February 1st you solemnly opened in Yekaterinburg monument to Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, which was a pioneer not only the bloody Chechen war, and under the cameras of the world shot the white-washed house. On the night before the execution of Parliament dagger fire from machine guns, armored personnel carriers mnogokalibernyh shot entirely innocent people desperately methane in the open pavement near the television station with a terrible naming "Ostankino".

October 4, 1993 I went to work in one and a half kilometers from the white house. Have already started to hoot shooting tank shells, and in the side streets in the center of Moscow nervously stood some weird people in sweat pants and with guns in their hands.

Do not mercenaries were these gunners scored stripping innocent people? Not by a mercenary tank shot deputies and other innocent people in white house? Do not hired snipers its subtly snide shots even in "their" provoked the massacre, namely, shot back in a narrow strip under the helmet and body armor on "alfovtsa" to force the fighters 'Alpha' burn up and ready to storm the parliament building?

Do not call on you to condemn Yeltsin, but as you can, so when your highest sensitivity to the victims of the Libyan people as a result of actions occurring Tipo "shake hands" Gaddafi to declare the opening of the monument to Yeltsin, fully reliable shot the Russian parliament and thousands of unarmed people that "Our current homeland should be grateful to President Yeltsin for the fact that in the most difficult period of our history, our country has not veered from the path configurations, held a very complex transformations and is now moving forward, "that Yeltsin was able to" survive with honor all the tests "?

Where do you fundamentally like a man Dmitry Anatolyevich: in the case of "nerukopozhatym" Gaddafi or "sincere leader" Yeltsin? And where integrity, if you compare these two options?

Either the blood of the Libyan people — another mixture and prices than the blood of the Russian people, was shot not in the sands or the mountains, and in the center of Moscow, while watching television viewers all over the world?

Or other equally outrageous example of loss of loyalty to the principles. How can you condemn Gaddafi and at the same time the highest state award merit of — the Order of St. Andrew — Misha Gorbachev?

I will not remember Vilnius or other orders Gorbachev to speak with a weapon against civilians. And, again, do not call on you to condemn Gorbachev: everyone has the right to have their sympathy. However, the insignificance of Gorbachev led to the collapse of a huge country and a direct or indirect death of 10-s and 10-s of thousands of people. How can this man's highest award the state merit from the vile person to do an icon of a servant of the people? What is the difference between human against civilians between Gaddafi, Yeltsin and Gorbachev?

There is a simple lack of consistency in the evaluation of your own which began in full swing and going military operations against a number of NATO countries Libya.

Without knowing all the events and the level of Western pressure on the President of the Russian Federation, have no right to condemn you for a directive from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to abandon veto that resolution. But why and on what basis you gromozvuchno specially issued a decision almost as a reference state of wisdom and even the moral victory of the Russian Federation? And how are you today, on the third day bombing can be considered that the proper resolution and "generally reflect … our awareness of what is happening in Libya?"

Excellent. Do you think that you are right in a situation with Resolution 1973. But then, as you can read about the need to avoid "real fighting"? The fact that "the closing of airspace" means the inevitable Libya air strikes, U.S. Secretary of Defense Gates spoke carefully in Congress for another three weeks back. Do you have a general staff and the GRU, and do not know this cause-and-effect relationship is unrealistic. Yes, and you also have declared that the web 'qualified refusal to veto "was" a totally clear consequences "!

And what to do now puzzled look? And, like it was yesterday during your meeting with U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, reduce the problem of Resolution 1973 to how it is produced?

Is it fundamentally and human, clearly knowing what mode the no-fly zone, to express concern about "the possibility of civilian casualties in the middle of the population" and cover it Tipo "indiscriminate use of air power"? What is the selective application of air power may be even with the ultra-precise weapons, Dmitry Anatolyevich? Are not this kind of intricate phrases of all just a cover with the protection of your uporstvovaniya incorrect rejection of veto?

On Monday you by bringing the situation to a bad Gaddafi said: "Everything that happens in Libya due to the disgusting behavior that produced the control of Libya, and the atrocities that were committed against its own people. On this we must not forget all the other are the consequences. " Is 10's dead "tomahawks" peaceful inhabitants of Libya — a "rest" and simply "consequences"?!

Dmitry President, it is too late, should the brakes!

From the day or for a day longer overseas Gaddafi, and you (you personally!) Will be guilty of the murder of such "indiscriminate" rockets certain Libyan civilians, including
kids and ladies.

At the moment, the moment came, Dmitry A., when needed and can still be fully express your integrity and humanity, and to stop the slaughter.

I'm Dmitry Anatolyevich that, in contrast to the "civilized" Yankees and Englishmen, senior representatives are already cynical unattainable stated that they "do not have information about the death of innocent people by bombing attacks," the relevant facts you have.

Dmitry Anatolyevich, I'm sure that you have the courage so rare that allows the public to reconsider their eyes, and in this critical situation and arrange to rehabilitate Russian diplomatic truly moral act.

Unlikely to rely on the fact that Russia will be invited to the "mediation for the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Libya." Not to push for both resolutions (especially the last one) to stay and not to go to the end. Well, in the unlikely event of solutions to slow down the West either side mediation and peacemaking RF them is not necessary. Our homeland has done for them the business, our home can "go."

Because you need to design a Russian anew a diplomatic action. Here are needed creativity and a great mind.

I believe that a similar action could consist of the following five points. Detailed justification of my position can be found in a series of articles on Libya.

Thus, first. At tomorrow's meeting of the UN Security Council to make all acts necessary to stop the aggression of NATO against Libya, and to the Russian Federation of a draft resolution condemning the actions of the West and demand an immediate end to attacks on Libya. If you fail to use tomorrow's meeting of the UN Security Council has already set, then initiate the holding of an urgent emergency meeting of the Security Council.

2nd. Initiate in order to obtain the true facts about the conflict in Libya, the establishment of a special UN mission to establish the facts of the situation in Libya — on the basis adopted by the UN General Assembly on 9 December 1991 Declaration on the Establishment of the facts in the maintenance of international peace and security.

Most coarse violation of the UN Charter and the law is adopted by the UN Resolution 1970, imposing sanctions against Libya and its management. Completely random are the conclusions of this resolution, since there was no reliable evidence that in Libya there were "grave and recurring human rights violations, including suppression of peaceful demonstrations", "large-scale and periodic attacks on the civilian population", which "can be qualified as crimes against humanity. "

The third. Raise the question of verbovanii to international criminal responsibility initiators anger against Libya, first President Sarkozy of France.

4th. Make a formal detailed application which will be of sober and adequate look around at what is happening in Libya. The statement must necessarily be two things: the fact of civilian support for the war and the inadmissibility of the outside of one of the parties to the conflict (by the way, in this context, expressions such as "civilians" are unprofessional, as we now litsezreem huge number of inmates at the Caucasus in general , in the presence of our Caucasian giperproblemy, support throughout this western antiliviyskoy rhetoric is unacceptable), also the desire of the NATO countries to establish world order on the principle of force in the form of liberal imperialism.

5th. Reward merit of the highest state of former Russian ambassador to Libya Vladimir Cham (even if not the Order of St. Andrew, as Gorbachev).

Pochetaemy Dmitry Anatolyevich, I hope that my letter will be useful for you. For probable sloppy wording excuse, but the basic idea — to apply.

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