10 unusual deaths in 2012

People are dying every day. Most of them go to the other world casually and quietly, and some leave behind a long discussion in the press and on the Internet. In this short list of weird and wonderful collection of death in 2012.

10. 29-year-old Olga Gaikovich died in hospital, after a brick that had fallen out of a drive-by "Kamaz", punched through the windshield Audi and hit her right in the head.

9. Adaysha Miller, 24, of Detroit, died after she hugged a policeman at a party in honor of his birthday, leaving the gun in the holster accidentally shot a policeman.

8. 4-year, Carson Dean Cheney of Lehi, Utah, was crushed by two-meter tomb, when he was trying to help my dad cheer children for photos. The boy hid behind a tombstone and leaned over him. At this point, headstone unexpectedly fell, crushing the child to death.

7. 39-year-old circus worker, was killed in a bicycle accident when he crashed into the open door of a parked car on the streets of Queens, New York. Handlebar pierced his neck.

6. Jojo Ashton, 11, of New York, died of shock due to a faulty water pump, when she tried to get the golf ball out of a pond in Orlando, Florida.

5. Robert Miletta, 47, from Illinois died from heart disease, while on his way to the store to buy a pump to drain the water out of his pool, where for two days before drowning four-year-old neighbor boy.

4. Jiang Xiaoshan, 26, from Changsha, China, died of fatigue, exhaustion and lack of sleep after 11 days of uninterrupted watching a football match of Euro 2012.

3. Rashid was a three year old Isabella at the funeral home with his family in West Memphis, Arkansas, when a truck crashed into a house and killed her.

2. 20-year-old Indian girl beheaded by the sword own father Ohad Singh in a fit of rage because of her lifestyle. Singh was upset that his daughter was walking with strangers.

1. 35-year-old police major, while on vacation, renovating your home in the Saratov region. For repair sewer he was punching concrete ring sump depth of 4 meters. The man gasped in Skopje pit poisonous gases. His wife, 33-year-old warrant officer police rushed to the aid of her husband, but she lost consciousness, breathing toxic fumes, fell into a pit and choked with sewage.

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