20 years ago, Belarus declared independence

July 27, 1990 the Supreme Soviet of Belarus adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Belarus. Declaration proclaimed the "full state sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus, independence and completeness of the government of the republic within its territory, the legitimacy of its laws, the republic's independence in foreign relations."

25 August 1991 Declaration of State Sovereignty received the status of constitutional law, on the basis of which changes were made to the Constitution.

By 1996, July 27 was a major holiday — Independence Day in Belarus. Authorities canceled the holiday after the 1996 referendum.

In a special statement regarding the BPF today's date is noted that this decision Supreme Council "Went down in history our country as a life-changing event that opened Belarusian people the way to the execution of his ancestral dreams — a free, dignified, independent life in their independent state. "

"The emergence of the map of Europe independent Belarusian state symbolizing the victory of truth and historical truth, the victory of those who are in all times defended their land from the lands, invasions, who gave his life for her freedom. On this holiday, we bow our heads before their blessed memory, "- said in a statement the BPF.

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