2012. Ends the night and morning begins Svarog Svarog.

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Currently, we use the dating years of Christmas and the Gregorian calendar. Not forgotten and the Julian calendar, the so-called "old style". Each year in January, we thought of him, when there was an "old" New Year. As the media carefully resemble the change years of Chinese, Japanese, Thai and other calendars. Only here the chronology of the ancient tradition of Slavic nations — Daariysky Krugolet Chisloboga on which not so long ago our ancestors lived, it is not mentioned. Did you know that in spite of the widespread attack civilian new, in 2012, we continue to live in

— 143 Summer Heavenly Dolphin Krugolete Chisloboga
— In the summer of 7520 from the Creation in the Star Temple
— In the Age of Fox dawn madder Svarog Circle
— Before dawn era Wolf Veles, which will begin in 2012 and continue until 3632, on the civil calendar?


According to Slavic — Aryan astrology, which came to us from ancient times, our Midgard — Earth (Slavic — Aryan name of our planet), not only moves around the sun, but also rotates on its axis, and the axis in turn, is slowly moving in a circular cone. In this case, the North Pole is an ellipse, which is the base of the cone, and the south pole is according to its apex. The axis of the cone is perpendicular to the plane of Earth's orbit and the angle between the axis and the cone is approximately 23 °. This movement of the axis of rotation of the earth in a circular cone is called precession. And as a result, a complete (visually observed from the Earth), turnover occurs in the sky 25,920 years.
Our ancestors called this celestial cycle — Svarog Circle. Throughout Svarog Circle (for the terrestrial observer) our Yarylo — Sun will mix through the heavens in the constellation of the constellation (palace) in the opposite direction from the normal annual cycle. Position of the sun in the sky is determined during the solstices, ie, in what constellation (Halls), the sun is 22 March (Latin, Western style) or 22 September (Aryan, Russian style) — at that time we live. Since, in contrast to Western and Chinese astrology, Slavic — Aryans in the heavens are distinguished not 12, but 16 zodiacal constellations (ie, knowledge of our ancestors allowed to do so), then, respectively, and the zodiacal era lasts 1620 years. That is the point of the autumn solstice Yarily — the Sun every 1620 years, is entering a new palace.

Chronicles of Ancient Runic Ingliisticheskoy Orthodox Old Believers' Church — Ynglings say that our Jarilo-Sun is in the structure of the galactic star systems Swati (no parallel in modern constellations), also called the Way of Perun or Heavenly Iriy. Swati presented as a left-handed swastika. At the bottom of one of the sleeves svastichnyh Swati is Yarylo-Sun. It is Trisvetlym as illuminates the three worlds: Jav, Nav and law. Yarylo the Sun is part of the constellation of the Goddess Zimun (Celestial Cow, or, in the modern, Ursa Minor) and is the eighth star.

Also in Svastichnom arm of the galaxy is the solar system, the Sun Dazhbog (modern name: Beta Leo). It is called Yarovelikim Zlata Sun, it is more for exposure to bright light beam in size and weight than Yarylo-Sun. Zlata revolves around the Sun Ingard — Earth, the orbital period is 576 days. Ingard — Earth has two moons: Big moon with a period of 36 days, and Little Moon — 9 days. Zlata solar system is in the Hall of Races at Svarog Circle (one of the Slavic-Aryan signs of the zodiac). The System Zlata sun on Ingard — Earth, there is a biological life, similar to life on Midgard-earth. This land is the ancestral home of many of the Slavic-Aryan birth.

The ancient Slavic Aryan scriptures say that periodic fluctuations in our axis of rotation of the Earth is essential to adult life of people — they are directly linked to specific events, and eventually, when they occur. The right end of the long axis of the ellipse that describes the north pole of our earth as a result of the precession is called the apogee and facing the center of the galaxy. When you remove the pole from the center of the galaxy consciousness inhabitants of the earth "falls asleep" and comes galactic night for our planet, and on approaching the center of the galaxy our consciousness begins to "wake up" (meaning different levels of consciousness) and comes galactic day. This cycle of day and night, our ancestors called Svarog.

Ordinary day in Slavic — Aryans began at 18 pm, were divided into sixteen parts, and ended at 18 o'clock the next day. Week consisted of 9 days (the highest prime number), the month consisted of 40 — 41 days, and there were 9 months. Next came Circle Years, which included 16 years, and every sixteenth summer was sacred. Circle of Life then was composed of 144 years, and already Svarog Circle (Svarog day) consisted of 180 Circle of Life. Svarog previous day ended about 13,000 years ago. The axis of rotation of our Earth took the side of the ellipse, distance from the center of the galaxy. Galactic evening came and there was a great flood that destroyed Atlantis and almost all population of the planet (the Indians of America are your calendar on the occurrence of these events — they are now in the calendar year of 13,653), the magnetic poles have shifted (relative to the Earth's crust, not the orientation in space ).

Only a few managed to escape the righteous who are keeping part of the ancient Vedic knowledge. So, in 10,948 BC (plus 2003 AD), from the time of the Virgin, began the following day Svarog galactic evening came and the consciousness of humanity start "sleep." And from 4468 BC, the era of Finist began Galactic Night of Svarog, which lasts to this day. Svarog early night marked by events such as the arrival on our planet descendants of Adam and Eve 5669 years ago [the state of Israel according to the calendar year 5669 came from Adam, and in the Slavic-Aryan — 7519, the creation of the world between the Great Race (Slavic-Aryan peoples) and Ahriman (the Chinese)]. Also there was the strongest earthquake in the IV century BC, which led to the famous, described even in the Christian Bible, the flood and the formation Dardanovogo Strait.

In 392 AD, an era of Fox (the protection of the Goddess of Death madder), accompanied by the rise of lies and deception, it is the symbol of the cross. This is the dark time, which always comes before the dawn. This Slavic-Aryans were warned in "The Book of Wisdom of Perun," in which God gave the Secret Wisdom of Perun Priests and Elders Births Holy Race — how to prepare for a heavy dark days when the arm of our galaxy Svastichnoy will go through space, subordinated to the forces of the Dark worlds of hell, and the north pole of our earth removed from the center of the galaxy. At this time the bright gods drop out of their nations, because they, in accordance with the laws of Heaven Ethics, does not violate the boundaries of space, was subject to the forces of the Dark Worlds hell. But with the release of our galaxy in the spaces of the Dark Worlds thick, bright gods will again attend Childbirth Great Race.

In the "Book of Wisdom of Perun" says that many people will die of metal and fire. Seven lap life (1008 years from the baptism of Rus' and to this day) darkness enveloped the earth Clans of the Great Race. In Indian sources specified period of hard times in 900 years. This is a time of war and the decline of faith of their forefathers, the power belongs to reign over the earth and the Goddess Czernebog Marin. On the occurrence of the Dire time is stated in the book "Veles": "More and more there sins. No honor the elders of the young, and the father did not listen to the children, the brothers are fighting among themselves, indulge in all the desire, indulge in serious vices, all mixed classes, worship in the countries might not praise the Gods of Light, reject God. "

Start light time, that is, dawn to begin in summer 7521 from Sacred S.M.Z.H. or 2012 AD (The Mayan calendar nights Svarog also ends Dec. 22, 2012). And as it is said in ancient writings, we need to wait for the incredible changes associated with the transition of the rotation axis of the ellipse on the side facing the center of the galaxy (as in the transition to the other side). Dawn comes — the era of the Wolf, orderly nature, under the auspices of one of the ancestors of the Slavic — Aryans — God Veles (also predicted in the Edda): "Well the water on the Earth and cleanse it from the filth." For black people come to an end, and for the light — the end of darkness, and the occurrence of these events may occur in a period of not more than one circle of life (144 years).

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