350,000 fine for mockery of birds

Glubokskiy court fined the first time a local resident, who decided to make a scarecrow of the living Graca.

Administrative case for cruelty to animals has also been instituted in the regional center for the first time.

The fate of the gentleman who decided to "old-fashioned" method to protect your garden from birds hesitated for nearly two months, as the neighbor's complaint to the inspection for the protection of wildlife has long been considered various authorities. A woman called and asked for release bird that as a scarecrow neighbor tied to the leg of a long stick and put in his garden.

Graca freed inspector Alexei Protas. He also said that the custom of using as a scarecrow dead or living bird almost does not make sense: a dead bird does not scare others, and live very quickly perish. By the way, caught Graca were rescued, and released.

Fined glybachanin argued that caught a bird, hit her on the head and was sure that she was dead. Why thereafter rook shouted so that the nerves could not stand even the neighbors, he could not explain.



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