500 million cubic meters of Russian gas will replace the mini-power plants and windmills

In Belarus the state program of development of renewable energy sources. This was announced by deputy chairman of the State Committee of Standardization Leonid Shenets.

How falls learned, the program envisages the development of renewable energy sources in the years 2012-2015 on 161 object. Will be built 26 mini-CHP.

"As a result of the program will be able to zamyastsits about 0.5 billion cubic meters of gas," — said Shenets.

Deputy Energy Minister of Belarus Yuri Rymashevski noted that the country development of renewable sources of energy is given a lot of attention. On He said, this is the most important area of diversification energabalyansu country. Belarus has already sold more than 10 large-scale projects, the development of renewable energy sources.

Yuri Rymashevski also called gidraenergetyku very promising direction. According to him, gidrapatentsyyal the country in the near future to increase to 260 MW.

Another direction for Rymasheuski — wind power. He said, that Belarus will build capacity in this area, and Now that is a pilot project on wind energy in the Grodno region. The volume of renewable energy will bring in 2015 to 8 million tons of standard coal, and in 2020 — 9.5 million tons

These statements Belarusian officials made at the international workshop "Development of the renewable energy sector in the Russian Federation and CIS Countries: Prospects for Interregional Cooperation" in Minsk.

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