600 years of the victory at Grunwald noted in Mogilev

More than a hundred Mogilev came to the Town Hall, where the initiative of organizing the Mogilev Belarusian Language Society and the ceremony took place. Organized its ideology department of the executive committee.

Soldiers took part in the celebration of National knight club "Barysfen" early music ensemble "Viola", as well as historians.


Warriors of the knight club "Barysfen"

Duel warriors

Celebration began warriors "Barysfenu." In the armor on nearly tridtsatipyatigradusnom spetsy two guys showed their knightly prowess. Duel was short-lived. Fifteen minutes, he ended with the victory of one of them. Uspatnelyh winner and loser welcomed those present. The head of the club Paul Shepherds triumphantly holding a red banner with the "chase". Her girls weave of the Belarusian Language Society.

Under this holy banner welcoming remarks at the Belarusian performances and a member of the ideological department of the city executive committee Alexander Balashenko"The Battle of Grunwald on of the biggest battles of the Middle Ages. Results of this battle forever changed the political map of Europe. This was the battle that decides the fate of nations."

Alexander says the Balashenko

About the Battle of Grunwald and its importance to the winners and the losers say historians and Mogilev — Ph.D. in History Vasily Voronin Yes Doctor of Historical Sciences Igor Marzaliuk.

Vasily Voronin"Despite the victory of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, they were not able to put the squeeze on the Teutonic Order. Took a lot of time and several wars until the final award was not subject to the Kingdom of Poland."

Igor Marzaliuk"The participation of the Belarusians in the Battle of Grunwald long silenced. He was returned to the Belarusian history not historians, and writers. Karatkevich first was Vladimir. His essay Mstislavsky rayonke taken back Grunwald Belarusians".


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