A child from one year to three years

From one to three.  Photo from http://creative.gettyimages.com

Baby increasing each day pleases you with new developments. But there are also new challenges. During this period, it is actively developed, and your task — to help the crumbs rather "talk". Your treasure every day is showing more stubbornness — how many papers, for example, is to put him to sleep. Especially if you have followed the recommendations of psychologists, and still he slept with you. It's time to teach the crumbs to their own crib!

And his moods and tantrums are able to bring anyone to distraction. Do not panic! This is a natural stage of development of the little man. Be patient, and at some point the next crisis will change the period of peaceful development.

At the time, Masaru Ibuka, the president of the Japanese company "Sony" said that after three to evolve too late. Not literally, of course — you can develop a lifetime, but in any case, the basic thinking skills and knowledge a person has to get it up to three years, and then these skills can only be secured. It's hard to say, because it's real or not.

Every child — Is different, everyone has their own way. Not by accident, probably well-known teacher-experimenter Boris Pavlovich Nikitin refused, did the term "early development" and offered to replace it with one "on time". One thing is clear — pay attention to the development Your toddler is not never too late. In order to open up new horizons for him, do not need any special pedagogical talent — it can make every mother. For example, to do with the crumbs mathematics or music. And before you let the task is not to grow a new Mozart or Pythagoras — the main thing that both of you are having fun at your classes.

And any parent wants kids to read! To computers and televisions are not overshadowed by them and worn bindings favorite books even from our childhood, and the new, still smelling fresh ink to … baby can analyze, think and sometimes cry over a book … How to raise a reader of this, to teach the crumbs love the book?

The age of one to three trains you to a lot of "wonderful discoveries." Make them together with the child!

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