A child of five to seven years

From five to seven years.  Photo from http://creative.gettyimages.com

Age Five to seven years is called pre-school senior. And really — how grown up your little one! He himself feels it and constantly requires you to get you recognized his abilities and capacities, asserting itself by inventing this whole new ways.

However, in psychological terms, this age considered to be more or less calm this time of gradual and orderly development. Perhaps this is why, when the child turns five to seven years, the parents begin to miss the gentle and touching the baby and thinking about the second Chad.

It seems, there is not now such a publication for parents, which would have addressed the topic of children's jealousy. Even so less, questions continue to arise. Everywhere says that an older child to be prepared for the appearance of the baby, talk about what a newborn looks like a pipsqueak, offer feel his palm as yet unborn baby kicking in my mother's belly. All this, of course, absolutely necessary, but do not forget that your first-born, which is preparing to become a brother or sister, there is another, not less an important way of understanding the world — game. It is in this activity children lose their experiences and impressions, and even, surprisingly, their behavior is programmed into reality. It turns out that there are special games for little jealous.

Senior preschool age — The flowering of imagination and creativity. While it is not constrained by strict school frameworks and literally boils — and in the game, and artistic activity in the verbal creativity. Your task — in any case do not teach until the "right" to draw, build and experiment, and to allow the baby to come to a surprising discovery. What would it take for the good of the cause and mutual pleasure? Maybe make unusual crafts from natural materials? Or spend a simple but very effective experiment, which (who knows?) Will initiate the passion biology?

Careless pre-school wrestler is gradually coming to an end and school is looming on the horizon. Before parents face new challenging issues — how to choose a school for their heir, as to prepare for it. Their problems arise in a family newly-graders. But do not worry — forewarned is forearmed, and any problem is easier to prevent than to solve.

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