A Chinese zoo visitor to death killed a ostrich. Video

You should not think that the animals in the zoo are safe. It turns out the barred cage on a well protected area can not always save them. There are cases where animals are killed by the fact that visitors feed them foods that animals are contraindicated. A visitor to the zoo in the Chinese city of Shaoguan even death could tear it, at first glance, a strong creature, like an ostrich, reports The Atlantic Wire.

For some unknown reason to stop sadistic nobody dared. Although, according to local media reports, the man committed murder bird in front of many witnesses. When a madman police arrived, he was lying on the body of an ostrich, putting his body under his head like a pillow. Catching sight of the approaching policemen, a Chinese national slashed his wrists.

Fortunately, the authorities managed to save the life of a man. They promptly took him to the hospital, where doctors stopped the bleeding. In the pocket of the Chinese by the name of Lee was a note, in which he asked relatives more about him not to worry. No matter how terrible this was the case, Chinese citizens they can hardly be a surprise.

Thus, visitors to the zoo in Shenzhen found a fun — throwing stones at crocodiles and throwing trash in their pool. As a result, dozens of reptiles survived only two. According to the manual the zoo, so brutal way people wanted to make sure before they really live crocodiles, not dummies.

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