A flying intensive care unit Ka-226T and the giant Mi-26T2 shown at MAKS 2011

A flying intensive care unit Ka-226T and the giant Mi-26T2 shown at MAKS 2011

In the helicopter programmke MAKS-2011 immediately several premieres. The heavy transport helicopter Mi-26T2 still undergoing flight tests. Despite this board took part in the demonstration flight of the cabin. The largest in the world helicopter able to raise into the air up to 20 tons of cargo was doing, "eight", twists, turns fighting. As the creators of the upgraded machine, it has more power. The helicopter is equipped with a new set of on-board avionics in the cockpit has 5 LCD monitors, a digital autopilot. Through computerization machines crew cut from 5 to 2 persons.

"In the automatic piloting complex we store the navigation point and form the route of flight. And then the flight is carried out in automatic mode, "- said the announcements chief test pilot of the Metropolitan helicopter plant named after them. Mil Alexander Klimov.
In addition to the helicopter set modernized economical engines. According to the developers, although machine has not yet passed whole test cycle, it already has potential customers.

Ka-226T — another premiere air show. But the helicopter from the category of the lungs. Developers showcased honey version of rotorcraft. On board positioned resuscitation with all the necessary complex medical equipment.

"In medicine, there is the concept of golden hour, and usually at this time, an hour, should be helped by the victim. At a speed of 200 km per hour helicopter this distance and take the patient. The set is available — defibrillator cardiograph device for mechanical ventilation, spinal board and special depreciation stretcher, "- said the representative of the company" Kamov "Sergei Saiganov.

He said the enthusiasm of the car have already shown rescue services and insurance companies, which include their own package of insurance services to provide a helicopter ambulance.

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