A new industry in the modern construction industry

In the Russian market is growing by leaps and bounds tent structures. If 15 years ago, companies providing services in this segment can be counted on the fingers, but today in our country working in this industry are hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises. The customer opens more than a wide selection of both providers and options structures themselves. How promising new field, and when the customer is really beneficial to take decisions in favor of the purchase or rental of the tent? Try to give good arguments and facts, and comment on their CEO NWTS / «Northwest Awning Systems" Anastasia Ilina.

The speed and endurance

Recently, a significant expansion of applications Tents production. Materials and technologies allow you to set tents in the most adverse weather conditions, which is especially important in most regions of Russia. At the same time the construction of frame tent structures most minimal. The average skilled requires from 1 to 5 days depending on the complexity of the object. Efficiency of the construction frame tent structures due to two factors. First, for such structures do not need to pour the foundation. Second, do not require completion of procedures of architectural design and coordination at various levels. For example, the experience of NWTS / «Northwest Awning Systems", installation of 1,000 square meters. m is 1 day. It should be noted that from the point of view of operating such facilities in no way inferior buildings capital construction. "The service life of tent structures, indeed, comparable to conventional buildings. The base structure is anodized frame which serves indefinitely. The service life of the tent fabric is 10-15 years. Therefore, subject to the replacement awning fabric design can operate indefinitely "- confirms Anastasia Ilina.  

The scale and ease of use

Tentovye possible to solve a lot of space problems, and therefore are used for the construction of logistics facilities, terminals, shelters for long production work as well as for the construction of large-span industrial shops, hangars, warehouses, etc. The height of the walls can be up to 10 meters and width of unsupported span up to 60 meters. In turn, the length of the structure is unlimited. Buildings can be as "cold" with the lowest cost per square meter, and seriously padded with extra equipment and options. By default all covered structures have technological inputs for HVAC equipment. According to Anastasia Ilina, specialists NWTS / «Northwest Awning Systems" for high-volume designs for air distribution is recommended to use the air duct, and a small set designs floor distributors.

Typically, customers are several options for coatings. The most common system of flooring is wood-panel-mounted system with underfloor basis of timber and aluminum rails. This design holds up to 500 kg/m2. At higher loads of 500 kg/m2 used "hard floor" on a steel frame. "The basis of the half-shield coating is steel — says Anastasia Ilina — In this case, the small structures are used weighting, which does not allow to carry out attachment to the land." As for the roof, something here for all types of designs, there are three options cover: standard PVC 700 g/m2 (transmits up to 70% of the light), transparent and non-transparent fabric awning fabric. When it comes to winter, the design include the installation pnevmokrysh with self-cleaning of snow. Range of wall coverings somewhat broader. In particular, the company NWTS / «Northwest Awning Systems' use fabric with PVC windows, transparent fabric for walls, glass wall panels, wall panels, plastic and aluminum wall panels.

Awning design will withstand up to 50 cycles of assembly and disassembly, ie if necessary, the construction can be dismantled and re-erected in another location. Installation, as already mentioned, is depending on the scale from 1 to 5 days.


The construction and maintenance of Tents production is much cheaper stationary buildings. Cost of frame tent structures are formed on the basis of one square meter of floor space, as well as snow and wind loads and other required characteristics. According to Anastasia Ilina, the average rental prices tent range from 300 to 1 thousand rubles per square meter. meter, the price of the acquisition are between 3-4 thousand rubles per square meter and up to 40 thousand rubles, in the case of a two-story structure equipped.


Increasing demand and diversification of evidence about the prospects of the market, and the emergence of customers from different fields is talking about understanding what Awning structures in general more profitable and convenient traditional construction. "As a rule, we are approached by medium and large manufacturing enterprises in order to create large-space due to the fact that the existing infrastructure at the moment they do not significantly enough," — says Anastasia Ilina. "At the same — adds Anastasia — the scope of our customers are totally different, and sometimes unexpected for us. For example, we recently completed an order for the design, which will be based helicopters, a lot of requests lately come from the sphere of sports, retail, we got a lot of experience in creating designs for the ceremony of launching the second leg of the pipeline "Nord Stream". "Expanding the range of designs allows us to perform a variety of orders in such a way that the finished building fully satisfy the customer's needs," — concludes Anastasia Ilina.

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