A step towards death. A step towards life 1 Series 2 Series 19. 02. 2013

Is there a suicide gene? And who is the main risk? Is it possible to instill the idea of suicide, that life is not really so bad, that in any situation really find out? Answers to these questions are trying to find the authors of the documentary, which consists of two parts — "A step towards death" and "Step toward life."

If you believe the forecasts of the World Health Organization, today from suicide kills more people than the wars and murders combined. But — why? Tragic despair, silent suffering, proud rejection. It may seem that suicide is literally surrounded by a halo of high emotions. In fact, experts say the opposite: there is nothing primitive attempts to commit suicide. Not long ago, a wave of teenage suicides swept across Russia. In Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novgorod children drop out of the windows of apartments and high-rise buildings with roofs. Such a monstrous way they tried to get even with his parents, classmates and teachers.

In the night from 19 to 20 January 2007 in Moscow was one of the biggest star of suicide. From the balcony of his apartment in Moscow fell musician Murat Nasyrov.

Underlined show off — one of the main features of the fatal game with death. One would think — why? But people think carefully about their care — as a show, as the final performance … and does not realize that the applause he probably did not hear it.

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