A strong immune system is always needed!

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The main function of the immune system to maintain its "own" and eliminate the alien. Carriers of others facing the body — it is, above all, viruses.
To combat them immune system has a complex set of interacting constantly specific and non-specific mechanisms. Non-specific mechanisms, or non-specific immunity — is innate, specific, or specific immunity — acquired by contact with viruses and other microorganisms.

If immunity good, the immune system time to notice the introduction of foreign agents and adequately react to them, then the person is healthy. With age, as well as the effects of stress, adverse environmental and poor nutrition immunity no longer cope with the function of monitoring and protection against viruses and other pathogens.

The main organs of the immune system include: bone marrow, spleen, thymus, numerous plaques lymphoid intestine.

How does the immune system?

  • When injected into the human body to fight the virus first rush special cells that are responsible for non-specific immunity.
  • Second is a linear specific immunity defense — immunoglobulins that bind to and neutralize viruses.

For adequate confrontation viruses is necessary that all the organs of the immune system to function smoothly and friendly.

Signs which indicate depression of immunity:

  • frequent illnesses (colds and colds more 3-4 Once a year);
  • fatigue, weakness, lethargy.

At SARS in adults and children have:

  • — Increased need for vitamins and minerals
  • — Imbalance of the intestinal microflora

A strong immune system is always needed!As a consequence of these facts — reduced immunity.

Vitamins for immunity

  • It is important that vitamins and minerals have a full line-up, ie, contain all the essential vitamins and minerals in one tablet. This allows you to take care of all systems of the body and strengthen the immune system.
  • It is also important to draw attention to the lack of children's vitamins in the sugar and dyes that may cause allergic reactions.
  • The presence of beneficial bacteria — probiotics in the vitamin and mineral complex most effectively to strengthen the immune system.

Useful strains which are used in probiotics adversely affected, which reduces their activity and attenuate beneficial properties.

The reasons are:

  • vitamins and minerals;
  • acidic environment of the stomach.

Therefore, it is important that probiotic strains were acid-resistant and have the capacity for attachment to the intestinal wall and reproduce. Modern technologies allow to create products that meet these requirements — Multi-tabs and Immune Plus Multi-tabs Immuno Kids. These vitamins contain laktobakteriyGG combination of vitamins and minerals to strengthen the immune system and the normalization of intestinal microflora. All components are mutually reinforcing effect each other thanks to the innovative technology of "two-layer tablet."

A strong immune system is always needed!Multi-tabs Immuno advised to take:

  • in a period of increased risk of epidemic (SARS, influenza);
  • during the recovery period;
  • at increased mental and physical exertion;
  • for the prevention of violations of the protective functions of the growing organism.

Method of production:

  • Chewable Tablets number 30, with raspberry-strawberry flavor for kids:
  • Tablets number 30 for adults.


1 1 tablet once a day, after meals. Application course — at least 1-2 Months.

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