About Liberty: Tatiana Bilonog


What is your freedom?

For each age the concept of "freedom" is changing. Today, for me, freedom means purity — of conscience, thought and heart. If not for the shower of stones, experiences, something that I did not, and could not do in life.

What is most limiting your freedom?

I myself. And some of the feelings that are born inside. Laziness, anger, pessimism.

What is happiness for you?

Prymruzhvats eyes from the sun. But seriously — when you feel calm.

What are you most afraid of?


What a talent you would like to have?

Talent to love our enemies.

Who of his contemporaries do you admire?

Lyudmila Pavlikavay poets, Natalia Kuchmel, Valeria Kustov Vitali Ryzhkov, bards Ales Kamotskaya, Daria Kadamskay. Nicholas Kupreev very impressed with me. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us.

What do you most enjoy doing?

I love to stand on the road and look into the distance. And do love a good sleep.

If you could live your life again, what would you change?

I have wonderful parents, a sister, so I did not want anything to change.

What's the best advice you have received?

There are many. When I read the book, the characters perceived as a personal advice advice to me. Or when listening to songs Tsoi, Shyned O'Connor and other creators. The last I remember the advice of one of the Belarusian Bard: "Love the theme that you choose."

What is your favorite motto?

Slogans need somewhere to record, and then I forget them. I used to run somewhere, and the motto was, "Do it now and as quickly as possible." Today, I calmed down a bit, and the motto is: "Do it now, but in a way so you do not regret."

In any political system, you want to live?

I believe the policy of persecution of a group of people to another. Must have common interests in one nation, but different ways of achieving them. The government should help all segments of the population, ranging from children to begin to educate a school of the future man or a woman, a citizen of the future, a future employee. Everything is interconnected. If a child does not reveal the different qualities of the person according to his nature inherent ability, the children continue to grow unhappy adults. I would like to live in a free Belarus, where everyone is responsible for their country, for your neighbor, for your child.

What country do you want to live?

In a country where live smart and kind people.

In what era you want to live?

Now there is no place to put the soul. Very noisy time. Perhaps in an era where there was a little more quiet.

If you were the ruler of Belarus, what would you do first?

Went to the country, but no one would know who I am, and people would ask, the young, adolescents, adults — how do you live? Then pavandravala to other countries, would have made the findings sent to study those who occupy the highest positions, and then would make steps to changes in the economy, education and medicine.

What relations of Belarus with the European Union should have?

Partnerships. We can learn many techniques, methods, approaches.

What relations of Belarus with Russia should have?

Belarus must respect yourself.

Some think so, "Let dictatorship, just to own." And you?

At the dictatorship there is no real live person. Is a fraud, a substitute. History has shown that a dictatorship — it's twisted brains people, it is allowed madness.

When and how to change of power in Belarus?

As I understand myself, I feel that I need and what not to do to make their lives better. I talked to in their native language, so I was living on a human and not animal laws. When I myself understand what I want.

If Belarusians will speak Belarusian?

If the officials spoke, then the people will disappear fear to speak Belarusian.

What happens if you do not start speaking Belarusians Belarusian?

Will continue to live with unfulfilled dream of a free Belarus.



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