Academician Rykovanov: Russia ready to create high-precision weapons

Academician Rykovanov: Russia ready to create high-precision weapons
Russian scientists and engineers are ready to create ultra-high precision instruments. It is capable of hitting any point target at a distance of over 100 km. On its effectiveness can be compared to a nuclear weapon. This was said in an interview with «Russian newspaper», which will be taken on February 5, Supervisor Russian Federal Nuclear Center Institute of Technical Physics, Academician Jora Rykovanov.

«Precision instrument has been long,» — said the academician. He recalled that a pretty long made a system where for guidance used special purpose properties — inflated brightness-range radar / wavelength of electric radiation from 1 to 10 cm / target illumination by laser radiation following the capture of the reflected signal homing etc .
«At the moment, as put more fundamental task — allocated Rykovanov — defeat at least some of the point target at a distance much exceeding 100 km. Previously, due to low precision delivery of ammunition to hit a target at such distances required the use of nuclear weapons. «
Now the atomic bomb appeared candidacy. «Imagine that we have gained blunder least 10 meters. In such cases, the goal may be incapacitated ordinary explosive due to destruction more vulnerable or fundamental part of it. In this sense, high-precision instrument approaches to efficiency to nuclear, «- said the academician Rykovanov.

«I can reassure — continued scientist — all the necessary technology we have: developed inertial navigation systems, control systems and global positioning / GLONASS / create microelectronics sufficient to solve the puzzles degree of integration. Most importantly, there spetsy capable solve the puzzles. «

Responding to other questions, Jora Rykovanov expressed the view that «at the moment and in the near term, there is no need for the resumption of full-scale nuclear testing.» «As a result, conducted over the past 10 years of work» gunpowder » Can not keep dry, — he said. — And what about the fact that it is «not expected», I would such a situation has not yet ruled out. «
Tests of new weapons scientist recalled, conducted nowadays, namely, using computer simulations and other tests. «It requires the creation of new experimental facilities, with which you can get the conditions close to the thermonuclear explosion — said Rykovanov. — In respect of one such installation by the government of our country decision has been made. I mean the installation of laser fusion, construction of which is planned in Sarov. The implication is that specialists from Sarov and Snezhinsk able to conduct his experiments on it. «
Academician Rykovanov also spoke about the prospects of scientific cooperation with the U.S. government laboratories. «Previously, we have carried out joint research in the field of dynamic parameters of materials, dense high-temperature plasma and mathematical modeling — said the scientist. — Perhaps in these areas will continue. Not exclude that will organize cooperation in the field of inertial confinement fusion. Including experimental research work on the installation NIF — this is a public installation of laser fusion, serving Livermore.

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