Activity of the sun: Bright colors shining awakening

Solar activity rapidly razvivaetsya.Za last night on the drive was observed eight groups of spots, five of which are much more complicated.

November 13, 2012, Luleå, Sweden. © Oskar Pettersson |
Thus, according to the Institute of Applied Geophysics named Fyodorov, the area of 1610 increased more than 3.6 times the area of 1613? 2.5 times. The magnetic field becomes complex configuration. As a consequence, increased sharply flare activity.

Activity of the sun: Bright colors shining awakening

November 13, 2012 © SDO | NASA
Showed maximum activity of 1610 and 1613. 13 November 1613 in the group of spots was recorded series of flashes M: at 03:28 in London? 20 minute flash M2, at 06:04? 8 minute flash M6 at 09:50? 12 minute flash M2, 5.

Activity of the sun: Bright colors shining awakening

November 11, 2012, Greenland. © Iurie Belegurschi |
One group of spots passed the central meridian, and the other is close to it. All this sets the growing complexity of geomagnetic conditions. K-indices steadily rising. At polar stations: Murmansk, Amderma, Dixon on the night of November 13 registered a sudden onset of a magnetic storm.

Three-hour K-indices. © IPG | Roshydromet |
Source of disturbance is the solar wind speed, coming up to the Earth from a coronal mass ejection on November 9.

November 12, 2012, Whitehorse. © Joseph Bradley |

The dramatic increase in solar activity was manifested in a series of colorful auroras were observed from Scandinavia to Canada. With a probability of 35% of Geophysics predict M-class flares and magnetic storms

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