Aggression astral entities

On the women's sexual encounters with creatures of the underworld known since biblical times. As can be seen from the Holy Scriptures, the deluge was a necessary measure: it was necessary to free the Earth from the evil Nephilim born after sexual intercourse earthly women and demons.

In modern times, women are reluctant to have sex with all kinds of entities, but the monsters from other worlds sometimes use their negligence and helplessness. In the majority of cases the full contact does not occur, perhaps, the details just erased from the memory of the victims. Create a collective image of the underworld rapist impossible: it can be and as incomprehensible animal and humanoid, and stealth, sometimes takes the form of her dead husband. Usually uninvited guests are not limited to one visit, get rid of them can only be sanctified space.

To avoid becoming a victim of astral sexual aggressors to avoid careless jokes. One of a few friends were talking about how to clear the room of the otherworldly visitors. A young woman said: "I wish someone looked up to me, so interesting to see the brownie." All night she had nightmares, some bore down on her, strangled, tortured. Bad dream could be attributed to the result of an evening of conversation, but in the morning on the inside of the thigh girl discovered two red stripes, a form resembling a trail of kisses. Six months had redness on the skin, as a reminder of the dangerous joke.

You can be skeptical of stories about sexual aggression otherworldly beings, call them fantasies and hallucinations, but there is a clear indicator — animals. Many publications say about the unusual behavior of cats and dogs during the visit of aliens. Animals — not people, they are not fooled.

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