Agrarian Civilization as story about the death of Planet — farm ….

In order to imagine a scenario of "Nature": — "Agricultural" Civilization "as a story of death and rebirth" of the Planet — agricultural farm … Planet Earth used further after the "crash" in the form of surviving colonies (adaptation), and led to the death of the dinosaurs MASS (fall ckota ) — Food (processing chain of any modern slaughterhouse (beef …) and, accordingly, the collapse and complete destruction of all business — business relations in the past c … ("green men" (they are the same "white flies" — anecdote from television masters — repair , "blue devils" — from doctors … and. etc …) — "battered" a phrase from the speech of Professor Sergei Kapitsa — Broadcast TV / Media "News"). Who ckazal that "little green men" and that vegetarians they are "green"?!

Man must take a position not otyagschennogo sometimes erroneous knowledge (error gives rise only to intrusion errors and nothing more) submission Stories (correction of knowledge in the right way "unknowns" of the story …), the bearer of the modern way of life and still having the full ability to reasonably communicate, so often cvyazuemye in reality, the alleged events of bygone days and present an example: — "The new — it is well forgotten Outdated", c to conduct a full-scale assessment of the general visible World, and next steps for further development in the future (unlike the process of suggestion — "lie", then self-hypnosis …) defined cformirovannogo opinions and hide — "the truth" (unmotivated different — banned in the daily routine may be) by the example of an explicit "rules of life in the Life and Study Guide": the people — "There departed there came", in Biology — " the cycling of matter in nature ", in Physics -" What — the same … (conservation of energy) "and. etc … that fully relate to Protect the ancestors intertwined events ancient Myths — Legends — The Legend of confirmed scientific findings as required in the field of archeology (the myth of Troy — Opening Professor Schliemann), as the subject matter — the descriptions of nature, death and rebirth of all living things when — or living on planet Earth.

Important Stats: — Galaxy "Milky Way" exists — fourteen billion years, "Solar" system — nine billion years, the Man himself camonazval "Homo Sapienc" — "Homo sapiens" — no more cta fifty years ago in modern chronology!

Or preference as extreme perception provided to the public for discussion, corrective "ad-hoc method of" public opinion on cvoy fret — fantasies "Show Business" (Entertainment) as a "mythical" spectacular blokbacterov "Park yurckogo period (U.S.)" or similar to the "Legend of Dinosaurs (Japan)" … and modulated — cultivated on unobtrusively in a different and "promiscuous" press on cey day.

So perepicyvayut periodically ever global civilization in the public consciousness, the source of knowledge on unichtozhayutcya secretly and openly (archives, libraries … the system of education) and the next generation of "suffering" is confident in the "rightness" of stored experiences "memory" of zapomnivshihcya bright — spectacular scenes filmmaking " Hollywood studios … "(optional) and transmitted c awe" … word of mouth … 'in view Stories (Library of Alexandria — previously destroyed). MASS transition c access to information in electronic form is not reliable for the future (the First War Machine — it had begun in 1938, the last century — a fact) growing danger in this case suggests a direct (the crisis — the Russian default, the United States … for the last fifteen years) .

So after weighing the partial interpretation Stories educated and not so "common trends and perspectives" on the basis of the Universe and Miroctroeniya limited in the perception of the urgency of Physiology, Anatomy of man in his environment obscure banal idea suddenly came on first look — got mad and crazy reasoning.

What we know: — animals of the time dinosaurs (herbivores and carnivores), thriving on the planet in all its glory the main dominant species in a variety of biological sub-species (flora — fauna) had a huge massif and inclusive growth of ten to fifty tons cta veca per unit of three to ten feet at the shoulder (Museum of Archaeology — the scientific research …). This is the "concealed" fact clearly indicates the weak gravity of the planet at the time and said the slow axial rotation, this is significantly different in the amount of time — the amount of Daily production of the day and night, and this determines the cutki Active in understanding how international unit of measurement in the table No collective (SI ) and natural geological — climatic atmospheric conditions the flow of life. Presumably, the higher the severity of break-open (the oppression of the physical processes of increasing the rate of axial rotation) on the planet, the growth and the groundmass of flora-fauna below, and vice versa, the lower the higher the severity of break-open and maccivney (protsecc camoregulyatsii — Biology). You can clearly see how the break-open gravity on living this simulator centrifuge in preparing pilots for the space station space research …

With proper healthy desire of scientific research is possible to determine the parameters of conditions at the time (of the formula algebra) on the growth and intrusion of ancient animals (stored in museums remains) Daily production for the period of rotation of the planet's compliance history described in scientific publishing as Permcky-Jurassic period — the era of the dinosaurs.

However, from what happened earlier the same Tables catastrophic events on the planet!? The fact that the rotation of the planet in orbit around a dying star solar SYSTEMS poyavilac additional "groundmass" which in the age of dinosaurs was not, but that may have led to their deaths, and it was "unnatural" cputnik Moon c DIURNAL simultaneous formation of the asteroid belt beyond the orbit of the planet Marc . As we know from the basics of astronomy and the resulting interconnected subject Planetology in weightlessness groundmass object only shows the power of static electromagnetic fields surrounding the object and directly interacting c radiation "thermonuclear stove" nahodyascheycya in the center of the solar SYSTEMS Stars analogy "Sails Spanish ships" era Hrictofora Columbus. The solar wind — the wind in the sea — ocean planet Earth — sailing ship class "brigantine" … creates a bunch of blow — extra movement ukrativshee daily rotation of up to twenty-four hours with a simultaneous increase in the force of gravity on the planet Earth, which ultimately was deadly for massive animals (short action excessive load is clearly visible in the championships sportmennov — weightlifter).

Vernemcya to dinosaurs remembering satirical monologue comedian Kartseva vyctupayuschego to transfer TV "Around cmeha": — "… And yesterday cancers were five rubles, but today, on three …", similar to c humor continued: — "A couple of thousand years ago, herbivorous dinosaurs vecili to cta tons inclusive, and today our day cow (beef) only — that a maximum of three kilograms celckogo modern economy. " As a more practical pragmatists hard to believe that such a huge biomass of the Dinosaurs (cows) was previously unattended. Imagining such a "natural" scenario and include a full accounting "commercial vein" is not difficult to understand that earlier in the "alien" planets c cily increased severity was very profitable with a minimum
of cost roct biomass in low gravity planets … cily trade stewed meat from producers that … some of the Agrarian civilization once cuschectvovavshey on the planet.
For a comparison of the indirect assumption, the banal truth or pure fiction have enough schooling and be aware of the research of the modern scientific world, and not the orthodox dogma of "pseudo-science" — science, as we know "chuzhego" views "and hold pomykaniya."

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