Air Force pilots will engage in intense combat training

Air Force pilots will engage in intense combat training

In the year of the 100th anniversary of the Air Force (IAF), the Russian Federation increased attention is given to improving training for flight crews to perform tasks in the tactical units with the use of the whole range of aircraft weapons, also increase the skill of pilots and flight instructors' teaching abilities composition.

In the second half of September, the Air Force military units perceive the role of the strategic command post exercise "Kavkaz-2012", and from 17 to 24 August will be a tactical (tactical flight) teaching with battle shooting military units of Russian Air Force and Air Defense Forces of the Republic of Belarus on the basis of the center battle training and combat the introduction of the Air Force (Astrakhan).

In the process of carrying out planned activities battle training pilots to master the incoming air bases to re-date and modernized aviation technology: Su-34, Su-30cm, Su-35, Yak-130, Mi-28N, Ka-52, Mi-8AMTSh, Ka-226, ANSAT -U.

In the summer-autumn period of the current school year, governments, military units and Air Force units will accept a role in a number of international doctrines: the joint tactical exercises with units of the collective rapid deployment forces of the Central Asian region in the terrain Russian Federation (theAugust) Joint exercise "Cooperation-2012" in the areas of the Republic of Armenia (September), the joint counterterrorism exercises with the peacekeeping forces of the countries — members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization in the area of the Republic of Kazakhstan (October).

The parties have agreed on a bilateral basis, and the crews of Russian Air Force will also be involved in the joint Russian-Indian exercises 'Indra-2012' (August) And operational-tactical command post exercise "Clear Skies" on areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan (October).

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