All of the skeptics

For explanation opus "All About Woodpeckers", "All about the deputies'

Skeptic equipped aplomb. With aplomb skeptic by nature. If the skeptic without aplomb — he's either asleep or dead. If the skeptic is not dead — it gives birth to a new self-assurance. Without aplomb skeptic can not, because that outweighs aplomb. When a skeptic shakes aplomb around sound. If loud — so stubborn skeptic. If a low voice — bad, worthless skeptic.

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The performance characteristics of an ordinary skeptic:
— Wages and salaries — no more than 2 minimum salaries;
— Position — assistant, nurse, MHC (the latter assumption — purely theoretical, in practice such cases are not detected);
— Housing — 1 bedroom apartment with entity settling the Caucasus.

A skeptic might ride with views on the opinion as dexterously as a woodpecker from branch to branch. In their own arguments skeptic quotes from authors, which does not accept the arguments of opponents. Cleverly sent skeptic is silent for at least 30 days, retreats into himself and gives birth to mind. Opinion skeptics always across anyone in front of him to speak out.
Voronezh nerdy skeptic can create a page on the Internet and distribute to the left and to the right worthless "guarantees" from its name. Giant skeptic, not found in nature, can zadolbat Nobel laureate on his award.
Synchronous skeptics are found, as a rule, FIDO, astronomical observatories, laboratories, employing unsymmetrical dimethyl and in nuclear power plants — in pairs, links, wedges, etc. Analysis of habitat leads to the conclusion that the skeptic — is the result of degradation of the mental apparatus as a result of the impact of toxic substances, radiation, cosmic radiation, etc. Birthday skeptics is unknown, because nobody needs. Friends and followers of skeptics do not. Tolerated dose of a skeptic — 16 videos, 64 photos dedicated to the publications, or 1 256 times with a sledgehammer.

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Skeptics suffer pathological hatred:
— The talented researchers;
— The talented businesspeople;
— To their own country;
— The history of their own country.

In the slop skeptic can not drown because of the complete adaptation to a given habitat. Skeptic, made of reinforced concrete on the scale of 32:1 is the best scarecrow students and students who do not wish to learn the methodology of science. 200 and more skeptics glued back to back in a solid panel, can ruin the world of science and civilization in the back of the cave (the American version gitleroidov — "to bomb the stone age").
There are only males skeptics. Hobby skeptics among his — meryanie genitals. Other functions have no genitals. Meryanie so exciting skeptics that in conferences FIDO, forgetting about BinkD, for months they discuss the topic of the presence, shape, and the virtues of sexual organs, such as aliens.
Sympathetic psevdosamki skeptical by nature are not, but unwittingly adjacent to clusters of cawing of skeptics, driven in a population of degenerate sense of copulation.
Almost all urban skeptics — disposable, at the same time, their orientation can be changed as the development of the alphabet. Postreorganization poor academic skeptic still a matter of controversy among experts, and, although he calls himself "Professor", given to them by the stage name clearly hints at its penal past or style of behavior — "Concrete".
The main food is stir the skeptics with saliva zhevanina paper. On the works of the economy skeptics never encroach, which is not about the reports of military specialists to monitor the airspace around the world. Each other skeptics tend not shrink and straighten each other with great cynicism and vulgarity.

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The most comprehensive assessment skeptic is mediocrity until the complete lack of ability:
— Thinking;
— Perception of new information;
— Learning and self-education.

Cases of physical conflict with real scientists are incredible view of the extreme skeptics of personal cowardice.
Expressed hierarchy among the skeptics is not observed, although a big skeptic could easily zadolbat dozen smaller ones. In the event of an external threat colony skeptics unexplored until properly organized premoderiruemuyu ekhokonferentsii type *. *. Sceptic, distinguishes itself from the moderator and continuously engaged in by elections and reelections.
American brehlivy skeptic is the only author in the world with publications that appeared after his own death. Ural smelly skeptic at different shrill, brehlivostyu and vulgarity.
Validity of the aging skeptic — two years after receipt of the last salary. The fundamental error of the skeptics — intraspecific chronic shortage of scientific and methodological literature and information horizons, because of what the skeptics are many and have not managed to get into science because of the lack of willpower juveniles alternative worldview.
In ancient times in Russia skeptics as objects of relaxation working-literate population and decorated his aplomb any meal. Folklore prototypes skeptic — Roly-fool and Thomas (aka Homa) unbeliever.
And finally, if you are in any FTN-or HTTP-network declare himself a skeptic — you do not wait any literary fame, nor scientific success!

Recommended reading:
1. "The commissioners in the echo", RU.UFO, 1995-2001 gg.
2. "Our tupenky gink" Detgiz, 1956
3. "Skeptic against a tank," Military Publishing, 1944
4. "Gad will!" Zoophyte, 1996

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