All Russian station in Antarctica in 2013, will provide Internet

All of the Russian Antarctic stations in the season will be provided with satellite Internet, by February end its setting at Vostok and Mirny, told RIA Novosti the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of Roshydromet (AARI).

Leading researcher of climate change and the environment AARI Alex Ekaykin working at the moment on the "East", wrote in his blog on, that the polar station "broke civilization in the form of the Internet."

"However," broke "- I exaggerated a little. At 128 kbit / s better to say" hardly squeezed. "To get online, you need a hell of a lot of patience and time, but I do not have one or the other" — the scientist noted.

As explained by the representative AARI Bellingshausen, Progress and Novolazarevskaya shared channel at 128 kbit / s in half with Roscosmos, up at each station the Internet speed is not greater than 64 Kbit / sec. About the same rate will be in the East, and the peace.

"Currently in the East are specialists — upgrading a satellite dish, which allows polar go online. Same work conducted in parallel and Peace. By the end of the season (February) we, of course, to complete all these works. Now until adjustment is "- told the AARI.

True, the geographical features of the station East (South Pole) leave their mark — on its breadth of all satellites are on the horizon, and around the clock signal does not provide. Yes, and other communications made in the East in time. In the Russian Antarctic Expedition recognize that at present domestic polar science felt by a large resource gap Russian satellites.

While the Internet at the Russian stations will only provide access to e-mail and telephone, the source said RIA Novosti at the institute. Videoconferencing, free "surfing" the Internet, including blogging hardly be possible.

"The people at the stations are very busy, they have a tight schedule, as one priority — to ensure that all academic programs in time to send all the data and operational reports," — the source said.

As for the Internet to foreign Antarctic stations, the "all in different ways," he added. For example, at the U.S. McMurdo Station is a good Internet connection is maintained from the late 1990s, thanks to a low-orbit system "Argos". In Chile and Argentina also have similar systems in place to take a walk over the station. Chinese stations are geostationary systems. Many countries are purchasing services to ensure communication with neighbors.

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