All the secrets and hidden secrets will be open by 2012

all the secrets and hidden secrets will be open by 2012

All cards will be laid out on the table,
all the secrets and hidden secrets will be
opened in 2012. (B.Marsiniak — Family of Light)

In our urban life, when all abuzz artificial electromagnetic fields, the most important for a person becomes a meeting with yourself — with the Divine within. We live in a unique and exciting time in the history of mankind, our Native Gods expect us patriotic heroism and selfless acts in this great time of change. Each of us is a huge pedigree with millions of ancestors, and many of their hopes, aspirations, and many thousands of decision problems solved here and now in our lifetime.

Hear the voice of the Ancestors, the song of the soul and spirit of revelation is possible, when you walk into a natural aura of Mother Earth. Every morning after waking up to enter into a natural place (without a mobile phone), where within a range of 50-100 meters and wiring are no people, and just be there, in the natural sounds in the inner silence, for at least 20-30 minutes. Of course, the citizens have a place to look, but the clarity and divine news that will come from within, not from the TV, to really transform lives.
Ancestors gave us co-krovische whose support is blood. Therefore, it is important to keep the purity of blood and create a family with decent delivery. Note, one of the main elements of the blood is hemoglobin, the molecule in the center of which is an iron atom. As you know, the iron in the electromagnetic field is polarized according to the lines of force, and the man was in an artificial electromagnetic field, much to lose access to their treasures, for the right to inherit from their ancestors.
That was the idea Matrix (artificial world). Therefore, Lenin (Blank) and stated that communism — is universal literacy plus electrification of the whole country. Commissar "enlightenment" turned Lunacharskii shaped Russian in the ugly, and the electrification of their artificial fields began to immerse people in the Matrix. It is really encouraged to human consciousness could shove the idea of big cities and the industrial revolution.

Someone may say, what now abandon the benefits of civilization and go back to the Stone Age? First, in the Stone Age lived imbeciles who come from purebred people after a big crash, and second, who made the technocracy happy, healthy and sober-minded person? Achievements technocracy can be used for good, to gradually revive the culture of living in harmony with nature.

Because it is so important in the day at least 20-40 minutes alone in a natural aura of the Earth to held a meeting with the Divine itself. At this time, thin body, especially Zhare body, fluff and threads Vedogon connected with the whole universe. Of course, the ideal is to always be in the natural aura, and make a bedroom with no electricity, or at least without the full path in all its walls.

Our ancestors also passed on to us through the body of his treasure. It is a way of life in harmony with nature and oneself, the harmonious interaction and development of all human bodies. And when he finds the treasure, He created a happy, healthy, beautiful way of life with his family, Rod and communities. So look for the treasure is not written in the Vedas or in the ground, and in myself. Vedic knowledge is also passed to the Living Word, because other methods are not as optimal.

all the secrets and hidden secrets will be open by 2012

Night Kupalu many go look blooming Paparats kvetka (Perun color), because it is considered — its owner finds the treasure. This is so, because who sees the blooming fern, at that opens inner vision Zharego body fern (his aura), and this means that the path to inner treasure open. Key access to live I put magic herbs are Russian: terlich, overcoming-grass, Nechuy-wind, sleep-grass, etc. Modern humanity artificially narrowed the diet to 10 major crops (mostly family cereals (wheat, rye, rice, maize) and Solanaceae (potatoes, tomatoes, tobacco), while in the nature of the disclosure of the Living Treasure person in store hundreds and thousands plant species.

Another gift from our ancestors — is the depth of book. This book is kept in the human bones. Koschei Immortal live forever because he had looked into the depths of its existence and had discovered the secret of eternal life. It is a life without illness to full health and a clear mind as long as the Spirit sees the desirability to live in this body and in this incarnation. Death due to senility is unnatural for humans, it is found even Academician Pavlov, for it is his personality and gray quickly killed. He also claimed that the death of up to 150 years is violent. Violence it starts from the conception of the child as a result of sex and going to mandatory autopsies for medical examination (because someone might fall into lethargy).

Deep book was written in a single language of the Earth. Lunacharsky switched us in writing, but by a single language, he does not have access. Common Language is always there, on it we can communicate with any people, animals, plants and stones. The writing appeared as a form of magic, and has established itself as the main form of communication with the occurrence of degradation of the human mind. Now every day more and more about more people begin to understand the same language and it is — spirit of the times.

Divine meeting people in this world begins with the creation of a love child, the father of the confinement and education of a free man with a kind word, and his example of correct forms of life.
Good luck to you, dear friend, in the search of his home treasures, rich in treasure and read Deep Books from their kin.
Levshunov George White Russia

Deep BookName: Deep Book
Author: Vladimir Pyatibrat
Year: 2004
Format: HTML
Size: 5.43 MB
Pages: 394
Language: Russian
Book Description:
In the ancient Rus' were popular so-called root (or a pigeon's) book (depth — the depth of the wisdom in this book is), to provide answers to the important questions of cosmogony. Reading these books were banned Christian church, the profound book idea existed as of the heavenly book, protected by seven seals, which stores all the world's secrets. Throughout history, the people who owned the deep book called warlocks and arranged for them persecution.
Deep book Vladimir Pyatibrat — a modern version of the depth of the book in which the author tries to gather the truth on the basis of myths, fairy tales, legends, as well as scientific information, to expose the fallacies that is modern science. This book — a chronicle of this planet and its most terrible secrets.
The meaning of the book is similar to the Gnostic beliefs, representing God as the evil principle. Everything in this book is turned upside down and appears in the new color — the angels of heaven are bloody butcher, famous characters — the latest scoundrels chosen people — robbers. Questioned in the book put a lot — including love.


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