Already weekend, July 24-25



…Unfortunately, even up to 36 ° C.

Do not pass:

July 24-25

"Knight's Fest-2010" — a holiday of medieval culture in Mstsislave.

July 25

Feast of poetry and song "Rakutevskoe summer — 2010." Beginning at 12.00. (Train Minsk — Maladzechna station Usha departure from Minsk: 8:29, 9.14, 10:01, 11:23).


Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in the Crimea.


July 24, 1783 Simon Bolivar was born, fought for the independence of the Spanish colonies in South America (d. 1830).

Born July 24, 1802, Alexander Dumas, French author renowned globally historical adventure novels.

July 24, 1925 the Bureau of the Central Committee of the PBC issued a decree with the following subject: "Consider it necessary to eradicate the use of the Belarusian language, the word" Jew "and replace it with the word 'Jew'." It is from this decision and started applying in the Belarusian language borrowed from the Russian word "Jew." So far in Belarusian could only say "Jew", and this word, as opposed to the Russian language, we have not been abusive. Worth mentioning Yanka Kupala's poem "All-Belarusian Jews" or work Zmitraka Byadulya "Jews in Belarus." That's exactly 24 July 1925 in the Belarusian language, a new word — "Jew."

Died July 25, 1980 Russian poet and bard Vladimir Vysotsky (b. 1938).

July 25, 1984, Vladimir Karatkevich died (b. 1930) is perhaps the most readable Belarusian writer and poet, creator of the historical adventure novels.

Died July 25, 1997 Belarusian poetess Natalya Arsenieva (b. 1903).

Died July 25, 2006 Belarusian writer Yanka Bryl (b. 1917).

There is a reason:

July 25 — Day of the fire service in Belarus.

MINUS 365:

A year ago on the site of "Freedom": "The President defended his murderers."

Quote to remember:

"Happiness — like the sun: a small cloud
will take place in the sky among the quiet of the day —
the sun was shining so zhutla, softly,
moment — and there is no sun.

Happiness — like cherries vyasnyanyya colors:
wind smells, tears spring —
snow piled on the grave they are dirty,
moment — and no flowers.

Happiness — a bright, lucid dreams:
a harsh word, one remark —
and they will burn in the fire,
moment — and no dreams. "

Natalia Arsenyev, "Happiness", 1923.

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