Altai sell under shelter elites

Late last year, the public disturbed at reports of mass selling foreign reserve of the Russian land in St. Petersburg, clearly shell companies — see "Zion Altai selling in Europe and the U.S. for the price / agricultural land» — / cat/42 /.

9 January, President of Russia signed a decree "On approval of the list of border areas, in which foreign citizens, stateless persons and foreign legal entities may not have the right of ownership of land," the press service of the Kremlin — see http://news.argumenti .ru/politics/2011/01/89857. Among the areas that are subject to the ban, was named and Ust-Koksinsky district, which was described in the publication.

After three months, and found that the sale of protected land by private stalls with very high patrons not only stopped, but set in a larger scale. Another unknown firmeshka address in Ust-Kan library (!) Vynyrnuvshaya as features of the woodwork, offering federal land for construction under the contract of sale or gift (!) And goes easy for the buyer to decide "all red tape", requiring in fact at the level of coordination of the Russian government (!).

From which it is clear that either the Kremlin press service spread misinformation and no decree was not, or decree — for the sake of appearances, but in fact the entire reserve land is bought up by wholesalers and is now being sold at retail.

Decree for the blind

This is not the last in importance for the country to decree the country almost argument. Speakers in nationwide television news did not broadcast about him. Neither the "guarantor", the Kremlin nor any person in public about the decree does not mention. Slovoobilnye always on "For Russia!" Political scientists, analysts, commentators, ets was not analyzed, not overlooked. The Kremlin press service reported just about him afterwards. Formal least, nothing more.

Politicians, VIP guests, of course, their own ideas, but in the human world, with honest intentions, do not behave.

Traders tickets "Noah's Ark" in more formal Russian Altai

"Land for sale in the Altai" Uymon valley "- so the organization that (use her own words) trade" Ticket to the Future "in the form of Russian land, which must survive the cataclysm of 2012.


"Dear Guest, welcome you to our website« »!

Our site is organized to sell land in the Altai Mountains in Uimon valley (Ust-Koksinsky area) at reasonable prices for a wide range of persons interested not only in the implementation of profitable investment opportunities, but also want to find a house and comfort in a green area with a unique energy and wondrous virgin nature — surrounded by mountains and clear blue waters.

But, you should not consider buying land Altai as a simple investment. This land was always appreciated for its unique natural conditions, has a beneficial effect not only on your physical, but also all of the spiritual body. Altai Mountains is beautiful in all seasons, and affects the abundance of natural contrasts. In the summer it resembles a colorful carpet with lots of colorful tones in autumn covered mountains and valleys yellow-orange fire, over which come out from the diamond glitter snow-capped mountains.

I would like to say about the year 2012, the approach of which makes one wonder about the ancient Mayan prophecy of the coming of the "end times" — a period of transition and peak flood disasters. From this perspective, the geographical position of the valley Uimon allows to consider it as "Noah's Ark", created by nature. The uniqueness of the valley due to its equidistance from the seas and oceans on all sides of the world. In fact — it is the center of Eurasia! In addition, the valley is situated at an altitude of about 1000m above sea level and is protected on all sides by mountains. The climate of the valley is well-suited for growing fruit and vegetable crops. Sunshine duration is superior shine in Yalta, Batumi, Sochi. The local old-timers say that flood a lot of land and Uymon valley will remain intact. After all, it is fair to sound the phrase "buying land in Uimon valley — you buy a ticket to the future."

There is also a special power Uimon Valley. Geophysics from St. Petersburg, visited here, recorded a strong source of underground energy. The top layer of the soil is sufficiently dense and acts as an insulator, so all the energy is going to the ground, creating a special atmosphere in the fertile valley Uimon!

In the southern part of the valley Uimon not visible to the naked eye is the highest mountain Altai — Belukha, famous throughout the world for its special energy. In 1926, visited the famous artist and traveler Nicholas Roerich. He said that there is an energy bridge between the beluga and Everest, as the two space antennas that recycling cosmic energy, spreading it throughout the world.

We invite all who want to buy land in the valley of the Altai Uimon only at low cost to the client. You can purchase the land from 50 acres to several hectares.

Buying land in the Altai Mountains in Uimon Valley — the opportunity for a reasonable price to get a home surrounded by enchanting mountain nature. Organic food, fresh air and picturesque forests, combined with the proximity of the infrastructure necessary for life (to the district center — with. Ust-Cox — make the purchase of land in the valley as a great investment! "


Traded as though still nominally the Russian land, according to this "retail" zemletorgovaya firm to translate the ideals of Renaissance civilization. And say:

"In 1926, in the valley Uimon visited Central Asian expedition of Nicholas Roerich. A great artist and philosopher gave Altai and Siberia in general particular importance, and believed that Mount Belukha, which is the geographical center of Eurasia, is also a special energy center, a place where vctrechayutsya three great religions — Orthodoxy, Buddhism and Islam. Uymon valley, according to Nicholas Roerich, was to be the place where the city of the future will be built from which to start a new era of civilization. "


In addition to depictions of natural and spiritual beauty, the company detailed instructions to customers.

Paying no longer any of the laws and the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the traders in the special section "Skins" offer select any building plot, filling out a form, which takes into account all the wishes of the buyer: the presence-absence of trees, ponds, roads, distance from population centers, etc . on, then takes on the function — no more, no less — the federal government:

"The selected plot is made: the deed of gift or purchase agreement. The donation will have to pay income tax of 13% to the state, that would be $ 1200 USD / ha. Registration term contract giving one month. Upon the sale of land registration period of the contract — 2 months.

Recall that the sale of the land and the country real estate is different from the sale of city property need staging area on cadastre. It is necessary to assign to your piece of land cadastre number and consider its characteristics, which allow one to distinguish it from other land.

Our company will take care of all the bureaucratic paperwork for the sale of land, greatly saving you time and hassle. "


A special section of the "Catalogue of land" describes the sites with his photographs and images from space.

Do not hesitate, the firm points to all pages, it is not just the provision of certain rights to develop, and the "sale of agricultural (ie, formally, under the laws of the Russian Federation, federal) lands."

Applications are sent directly from the site.

All advice given by the specified number ICQ.

The address of the company: Altai Republic, Ust-Cox Street. Soviet on 52. All versions of the Information System "Altai-Media", down to the last, from 01.04.2011 to this address is … library Ust-Cox, and more than a single organization is not there.

"Stewards", "oduhotvoriteli" land of Altai and their servants


Who is behind the company, so bravely Sold nominally a Russian territory?

First of all, it is the patrimony of the FSB.

According to the order of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation of 16 June 2006 № 282g signed by Acting Director N. Klimashin "On the limits of the border area in the Republic of Altai"

"In order to implement Article 16 of the Law" On the State Border of the Russian Federation ", 1 and the necessary conditions of the state border of the Russian Federation, I hereby order:

1. Border area in the Republic of Altai, adjacent to the state border of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan, the People's Republic of China, Mongolia, set within … in the municipality "Ust-Koksinsky area" — the territory of rural settlements Karagai, Amur, Ust-Koksinsky, Ognevsky, Katandinskoe, Taldinskoye, Upper Uymon. "

According to another order of the Federal Security Service of September 10, 2007 N 458 "On approval of the border regime" introduced rules according to which, of course no sales of land to build "Noah" and any other "ark" in the border area is not permitted. He and other orders can be found here: At the same time see and take care of the Office "invisible front" of the earth: in the municipality "Ust-Kan region" — the territory of the rural settlement Mendur-Sokkonskoe, in the municipality "Kosh-Agach District" — the territory of the rural settlements Dzhazatorskoe, Mukhor-Tarhatinskoe, Tebelerskoe, Kazakh , Tashantinskoe, Kokorinskoe. "


Another "steward of the earth" — the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO.

The whole world knows that in Ust-Koksinsky Altai region two attractions: Katunsky Biosphere Reserve and Mount Belukha, included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

Beluga whale with the neighborhood, apparently, belongs mega pokuptelyu and retail will not be sold, all trade company "Land for sale in the Altai" Uymon Valley "is in the Biosphere Reserve.

On UNESCO / ru /? Module = pages & action = view & id = 135 for the area said:

"The reserve is located in the Altai Mountains at an altitude of 745 to 4506 m above sea level, near the borders of Russia and Kazakhstan. The highest peak of Siberia — Belukha Mountain, a sacred place for the local people and followers of Roerich — is located in the transition zone. The reserve covers cross-border situation, not only in the political sense: it is located at the junction of different floristic phyla, leading to a wide variety of species and plant communities. Land cover represented by the system altitude zones, including steppe, mountain forests, subalpine and alpine meadows and shrubs, alpine tundra, snow and glaciers of the complexes significantly glaciated Siberia. Habitat of the endangered snow leopard (Uncia uncia) are included in protected core and transition zones of the reserve. Nine plant species included in the Red Book of Russia — Altai rhubarb (Rheum altaicum), pion steppe (Paeonia hybrida), feather Feather (Stipa pennata), Rhodiola rosea (Rhodiola rosea), etc. 20 species of endangered birds are protected in the main area of the reserve, including the osprey (Pandion haliaetus) and black vulture (Aegypius monachus) of the IUCN Red List. Reserve called cluster World Heritage "Golden Mountains of Altai".

Join date: 2000

Total surface area: 695,262 hectares

Warren kernel: 151,637 hectares

Buffer zone: 57,515 ha

Transition zones: ~ 500,000 ha

Administrative divisions: Altai Republic

Human Action: In general, human activity has little effect on the natural ecosystems of the reserve. The main types of land use is recreation, livestock grazing, as well as traditional methods — the unique farms for breeding deer (red deer), beekeeping, medicinal herbs and other by-products of the forest, hunting and fishing. The main environmental problems are caused by over-harvesting timber forest products and unregulated recreation. "

It also provides a map, under which all land sold off and are just in a "buffer" and "transitional" areas Biosphere Reserve

If the country is still active state, the law, the law in force and the Russian Constitution, the other "managers" should reveal the effect.


Apart Belukha entire "enlightened" and "progressive" world knows another attraction Ust Koksinsky district — "unenlightened" "Popular Library Uimon Altai Valley name of Helena Roerich."

Tons of books enlightened direction, under which, according to the site /, five years built a big library (for the 5000th of the local population is too much) and the aura of enlightenment over the valley.

On the topic of colonization and the sale of the Altai can not be called a famous scientist and public figure, who moved recently to the permanent residence of the Israeli Altai on "program for the return of compatriots," Bella Rosenblatt. Which is precisely the biggest follower of the "agniyogi" and "Living Ethics" Helena Roerich, does not hide his plans for settlements on the "new spiritual foundations." In his keynote address to the Israelites of the universe to Russia and the Altai to create a community of "Citizen of the World" "What on the threshold of the Age of Humanity Association Providence brought us in Israel? Bella Rosenblatt, Ph.D. », which you can read at the web portal Berkovich," Notes on Jewish History » F = 6 & t = 1301, scientist says:

"Over the last two thousand years has created a diaspora type of person — the cosmopolitan, global citizens. After the inhuman horror of the Holocaust risen two millennia of oblivion the State of Israel, as a rear protection and potential refuge for millions in the Diaspora …

Many people understand that in the last twenty years, in line with Bible prophecy, Higher Power brought us here from the USSR — CIS focused. The question arises: what is it? ..

To us, there came the harsh, often cruel trials, returned to the main principles laid down in the Torah of our forefathers, and which formed the basis of modern Western civilization …

That we are in an exceptionally rich spiritually Wednesday: Judaism, Kabbalah, yoga, Christianity, other religions and teachings — all of them are on a small, but extremely roomy information space of the Holy Land.

This country seems to me like purgatory, and the furnace, designed to harden and cleanse the soul. As they say, "mlat heavy, crushing glass, forges damask." The Crucible and the role it plays a narrow passage leading further into the vast world of the planet, including the country of origin, where we can get transformed by …

And now the opportunities that this country can not give.

Apparently, the galaxy of outstanding scientists and artists, and world-class athletes — there will not grow. The small country of the army — not the function, not the problem (see also …? F = 6 & t = 618) Such a galaxy gave the world the Soviet Union. Relay goes to Russia. According to the prophecy, she will be a great future.

Russia is now waiting for us,

— born and learned it,

— did not actually become full citizens of Israel,

— but in the past it hard school,

— and tested on social maturity? "

This is followed by a description of the spiritual principles on which will be based community "Citizens of the World" in the Altai:

"All over the world there is a transition from matriarchy to patriarchy, and therefore herald basis of ideology of the New Age was chosen as a woman — Helena Roerich …

Helena Roerich made history as the great initiation, which had risen in life in a material body in the higher spiritual worlds, and brought out great gifts …

But in the future, in a new country, as described in the books of Living Ethics, indeed leadership positions and for people who deserve it its pure aura …

About Russia — seem above it can be seen the first glimpses of the morning! .. "

And then in the same way.


It is clear that in this global attention, "world significance" and such high curators "Noah's Ark" of the local administration is only as caregivers. It and executes it.

The official website of the municipality "Ust-Koksinsky area" we will find the appropriate posture.

Everything to be under the law, here took care of placing information "Patent for foreign domestic workers."

Posted consultation "compatriots wishing to participate in the state program to assist the voluntary resettlement to the Russian Federation of compatriots living abroad (remember that the very B.Rozenblat arrived in Israel on this program.)

However, for the troubles of the passengers, "Ark" does not forget the local authority and the "state service" drag, unknown to anyone, or passengers, or yourself, like in the "territorial planning scheme Ust Koksinsky area", what can and what can not be do with large-scale sale of land.

Whether to further filter-tion of passengers, or just for fun, in the sale of "cabins" "Ark" nominally rules apply:

"The prohibition of all types of construction and commercial use, except reforestation, forest management and forest management activities regulated

The deployment of new and expansion of existing settlements, industrial plants, buildings and communications permitted in exceptional cases, subject to land acquisition only under the authority of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Within these territories activity, not related to the conservation and study the nature and contrary to their intended purpose.

In these territories, in accordance with the law, to establish special protection

Bound to establish, wherever possible, on land and water areas adjacent to parks, nature reserves, game reserves, natural monuments protected zones with adjustable mode of economic activity, and for the health and recreation areas and resorts — the establishment of sanitary protection

Prohibited any construction, road construction, pollution, land cover, actions that could lead to erosion

Within these areas a special regime of use of land, limiting economic activity and prohibiting the construction, with the exception of special measures for the conservation and recovery of historical and urban or natural cultural heritage … "

When was wholesale?

Judging by the behavior of the "Zion" and the "Valley", is now part of the machinations of the finish area for the disposal of "Altai Noah's Ark" on Russia. Stage of "retail". The beginning of the "wholesale" sales at the same time-scale investments in capital assets in this and other Altaic "nest" with a high degree of confidence can be attributed to 1995.

In that year, took a loan deal with the World Bank Barnaul (and a number of other cities and regions of Russia). After that, the money disappeared from view, the references of the loan — from the media, documents — from the archives, and the region was given the responsibility to pay the fines and fees to the bank until 2011. Following administration of the archives of the city and the district lost all decisions of municipal authorities to provide land in the suburbs and property of the citizens for housing, issued before 1995, and the mysterious, new, "zeroing" documents of the 2000s. From that to this day make the land under their homes in the property for 100-thousand population of Barnaul suburbs became impossible. Reported in the article "barnaultsy not want to give Americans Altai land» /.

In the same 1995 came to Altai Premier Chernomyrdin napodpisyval 2 trillion rubles programs (directly in the helicopter on the way to the Altai Mountains), which also means "solution" to God knows where. Federal money to stand out in the pipeline "Barnaul-Rubtsovsk" or meter which does not appear, on the development of oil and gas deposits on the stone-on-Ob or a gallon or a cube that does not dobylos on watering Kulunda steppe, where the crop is in the dry fields soon quite live up to 6 tons per hectare … Babbitt strongly believes that all the money had gone to thieves. Not all.

Mystery of the "Ark of the Altai" carefully guarded. The site of the Altai Regional public organization "Russian treasury bastion» put some documents. This Agreement № 01-01-06/07-790 «debt restructuring" of 31.12.2003, signed by the ex-mayor of Barnaul B. Kolganova now defendants charged with criminal offenses for 80 episodes, the former governor of the Altai Territory A . Surikov, now Plenipotentiary of Russia to Belarus, a representative of the Ministry of Finance A. Ulyukayev, now vice-chairman of the Central Bank of Russia. Under this agreement, the parties are obliged to pay the budget of the Altai Territory arrears fees and penalties to the World Bank, in accordance with the payment schedule from 2003 to 2011. There is a similar document prepared by M. Evdokimov, elected governor in 2004, to extend the payments, and the draft law "On Amendments to the Law of Altai Krai" On the regional budget for 2004. " Signatures on these documents Mikhail appeared. In 2005, he was killed. To this day, no one in the Altai, but "officials" do not believe in this accidental death.

We also know about the many commitments to European companies, subscribe to the guarantee of the Altai Republic's first president V. Chaptynovym mysteriously died in a plane in which he in the company of the same A. Surikov on the way to Moscow.

Many secrets "ark" buried.

It's time to open them.

Anton Sizykh

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