Ambassador Mihnevich: in dealing with visa issues with the EU a lot of promises

According to the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to the United Kingdom Alexandra Mikhnevich in the simplification of the visa regime with EU countries and more promises than actual movement.

As learned from falls, the Ambassador said that the bilateral relations with Great Britain initiated the increase in the cost of visas is always the British side.

According Mikhnevich, it is expected that the fall of the visa regime simplification process will be continued.

"Autumn will show how things go on, sooner or later we will have to decide this issue. I think we will come to Europe to direct relations without zigzags, sharp bursts and falls, achieve stability, "- said Alexander Mihnevich.

Today in Minsk Minister Foreign Affairs Belarus Sergei Martynov meets with heads of Belarusian diplomatic missions. It completes the annual heads of diplomatic missions of the study, which began July 12. Study in Minsk gathered 45 heads of Belarusian diplomatic missions.

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