American cars will be protected from hitting a mine

American cars will be protected from hitting a mine

With the increasing threat of improvised explosive devices in the past
South American army decade researchers have been absorbed and testing
evaluation methods to save the life of a fighter bombings.

Techno team Research Institute of the U.S. Army, has been
analysis explosions under mc known as UBB.

Researchers at the Research Department and the Army Research
laboratory or SLAD, spent an unlimited number of tests have led to many
mc design improvements.

«The means of live fire tests we were able to learn
comprehensive characterization of the environment and the likely explosion wounded soldiers
during UBB, «Sarah said Koard, Army investigator. «Only by understanding
mechanism of injury, we can use the technical configuration to reduce
possible harm to the soldier. Environment explosion is unique. «

«Specially made a team of engineers for testing and evaluation work on standards,
yet 10 years ago could be unthinkable, «said Scott Welling, a member of
Technical Analytical Division SLAD. «The number of data channels that
currently used in the tests is 5 times greater than the amount
applied to these conflicts. «

Army experts on the basis of the acquired data is constantly
improve the technical properties of transport.

«The next study might just be unusual,»
Koard said. «Improving the very test base and increasing the number of possible
scenarios finals. One such tool — an anthropomorphic test
device, doll crash test, originally developed cars
industry, which can provide a more impartial picture
after explosion.

Not a lot of that technology improves, and test
projects have also become more complex. In the past often mc
tested with only one doll crash test. Now require that doll
crash test every place in tf.

Army bureaucrats told that requires significant
configuration — the adoption of new and existing criteria for analyzing the likely injury, it
help better draw conclusions and evaluate different scenarios probability
right up to the fatal finale.

For each ton or certain
piece of equipment, the researchers analyzed the effect of influencing the explosion
communication, mobility, firepower, and ultimately, the success of the mission.

Since the analysis asks more than just collecting
data, unbiased point of view of actual stance. Testing allows
researchers to provide the right information to appraisers and designers

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