American tried to resurrect his father

48-year-old resident of Detroit (USA, Michigan) stole the body of his recently buried 93-year old father of the mausoleum at the cemetery and put it in the freezer, located in the basement of the house, where police found him. His action man explains that wanted to make a corpse … the ritual of resurrection! Is this man insane?

Clarence Bright's body is not buried immediately, and placed in a cemetery mausoleum, as the ground was too wet for burial. The funeral took place on Saturday, and on Monday morning, officials of the mausoleum found the corpse of an old man is missing. Shortly before, saw the cemetery Gethsemane moving white van, which is located inside an empty coffin. Then the same van seen driving away from the mausoleum … Suspicion immediately hit a 48-year-old son of Bright. As it turned out, he told the family that stole his father's body to resurrect it with a prayer. Bright young neighbor showed that during the funeral, he said strange things, for example, said: "Call me a great, you will soon recognize my greatness. When you see what I do, you'll understand." On Monday police searched the home of Bright, but no coffin, no body was not there. True, in the back yard was discovered just bought an empty freezer. The next day Bright still taken into custody. A search of the basement of his home was found a freezer, and in it — the frozen corpse of Clarence …

The family declined to comment on the incident. Can a person really be resurrected after death? They say that the Greek philosopher Apollonius of Tyana, once met a funeral procession, and toucheddeceased — a young girl from a noble family — and she came to life. Another figure of ancient Greece, Clearchus, describes certain magician, who demonstrated the following "trick". He hit a staff sleeping boy, why he died. Witnesses are convinced of this. After a while, the boy wizard again struck with a rod, and he revived. According to "The Magician", the rod pulled out of the boy soul and took her to some distance from the body, and then back into the body again. Then the boy asked to speak about what he saw during the "death", and he just described everything that happened in the room during this period. Among those present was Aristotle, of which this "experience" is finally convinced that the soul can exist apart from the body.

In the tradition of many people present practice of raising the dead. One Mongolian doctors revived the boy who spent 12:00 in the field at -34 degrees Celsius and froze to death. It seems wise healers have used some unconventional methods of healing, known since their grandfathers and great-grandfathers. In Tibetan monasteries there ritual "Rlan-ha". When a person dies, it brings in the monastery courtyard and Lama produces over him special handling. Soon the dead rise, and three times around this place around. After that, he goes back and this time stands still forever. So the soul is easier to go to another world. But in the brief moments of his recovery, these dead are no longer fully human: they do not talk and just make mechanical movements.

Art back the dead to life, according to witnesses, have Siberian shamans, the people have special Khanty people — "Isylta-ku". If someone dies prematurely, "isylta-ku" is in his tent, lies down next to the dead man face down and not get up from their seats for three days. But no one should enter the house of the deceased. After three days' isylta-ku "goes out together with the risen. Sometimes it appears one — hence, the spirits have taken his ward with him. Shamans and "isylta-ku", introducing himself in a trance state, come from the energy used contact substance that remains after death — the soul of the dead, and try to get her back.

Australian sorcerers also able to return the dead to life, but only for three days. These "busy" as it still has one foot in the other world: they can not eat and try to stay close to the fire, as the blood in the body gradually freezes and it covers more cold. Many people believe that the dead can return to life from the moment of death, if it was not long. For example, in Haiti, "revival" is supposedly possible, within ten days. In North American Indian tribes of New Guinea and the term of the potential resurrection of six days. The ancient Sumerians and shamans — seven days. In Turukhan shamans — slightly more than a day. Whereas, according to official medicine, if the brain had been in a state of clinical death for 3-4 minutes, then animate it anymore.

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