Americans already hosted on Russian soil

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What do the owners of the "Russian magnesium" on land they inherited — it is unclear …

Sad example of foreign investment, which we crave power, can be observed now in Asbestos Sverdlovsk region in a project "Russian magnesium" (construction of the magnesium plant). On the ninth year of the project, when control of it went to American business, all life stopped there, and of the staff were only a watchman guarding the unfinished industrial building, located on two plots of impressive dimensions.

The Americans fired all the workers from contact with the local authorities shy away, and no one knows what their future plans. Local residents who were promised high-paying jobs in the future for companies feel fooled, do not hide their disappointment and irritation are looking at the ground in the center of the Sverdlovsk region, which were leased to the Americans for decades to come. Noteworthy here is that only a dozen miles away is a strategic facility — Beloyarsk NPP.

And it all began cheerfully, but the foundation was laid for future problems by local authorities at that time. So, in 2004, for the construction of a new plant in Asbestos magnesium production with an estimated capacity of 70 000 tonnes per year was OAO "Russian magnesium." A great mind controlling interest in it given to foreigners: 50.005% was Swiss Minmet Financing Company, the Sverdlovsk region took a 25% plus one share (blocking), and "Uralasbest" — 25% minus two shares (the package of everything not directly affected).

Naivety officials agree with this scenario, surprise: after all, the yard was not the beginning of the nineties, when we bought a bundle of glass beads and a pair of mirrors, and 2004. Time would have been at least learn something. But no, the previous almost half a decade of development for the future of capitalism did not.

The project moved forward not shaky or rolls, something built, some investments made by joint efforts, but in the last year, everything changed. Swiss owner controlling tired to communicate with regional officials and wished to leave the project, which sold its shares and American businessman Mark Lisyansky.

Agency "New Region" draws attention to the fact that Lisyansky also called sponsor the Russian opposition. Americans began to steer the project on your own, though more recently the general strategy defined by regional authorities. He canceled the contract with the General Manager of the project Italian Fabio Tamburrano replacing of his friend — "a consultant to conduct business," French chess player Joel Lautier.

Ural officials were simply pushed into the control of the "Russian magnesium", in particular, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Sverdlovsk Alexander Petrov — Head of the Board of Directors of OAO "Russian magnesium." It relegated to the status of an ordinary member of the governing body and did it in the absence of the Petrov.

Urge Americans to the orderly procedure one can not, says the agency, as he acts within the law. As a result, fast-paced action Lisyansky Sverdlovsk region has lost control over the project. One of the sites is the new owners closed the so-called pilot plant. Second land acquisition is much larger and is 13.9 km from the strategically important — Beloyarsk.

"Little America" in the Urals is located in the so-called "101 of the first quarter." From the rest of it is fenced off a barrier, behind which are not accessible to the frozen objects, and a memorial — a stone, symbolizing the beginning of construction.

It may, of course, Mr. Lisyansky and good plans in his head, promising project and the city Asbestos sorts of goodness, but why he avoids contact with anyone they do not share? Usually accompanies reticence very different ideas, of which goodness is not expected.

Recruited from local residents told the guard that sometimes Americans come to "101 th Quarter", the last time was two weeks ago. But what they do on the court, the guards do not know. "There were a lot of promises to create new jobs, but Americans all fired" — they say.

In the administration of asbestos complain that affect American business can not. Expel — also: agreement, U.S. citizens are now full owners. "We do not know what the new owners are doing now. According to information from the tax office all the staff fired, most experts left. Now nothing remains of JSC "Russian magnesium" all "scattered", — says head of economy of Asbestos Melikhova Larissa.

Well, it is not surprising. But I wonder: is there any other examples in Russia, where, after the arrival of the Americans all have bloomed, zakolosilos, rose up and came a breadth (except screwdriver plants, of course)? I have heard something about such was not necessary.

The collapse of the "Russian magnesium" that either already taken place, or will take place in the near future, will have many negative consequences. Local people to part with dreams of jobs, the budget does not get taxes from enterprises and approved in the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation bailout monocity Asbestos will not be realized. Also, be gone already invested in the project 2 billion will be invested and the Russian side promised another 16 billion (part of the budget). "For them, nothing is sacred: We were hoping for a job, and they all fired, and the shop was closed" — locals swear.

"Recently, we have no idea what's going on in a fenced plot of land. Plot of land leased, it is protected. In fact, the American Asbestos formed piece of land — said Larisa Melikhova. — Now everything is frozen. Where are all taken out, we do not know. The contact they do not go at all. "

The future of the project in the fog. "As soon as the project will be of interest to investors, I will support it. Invest public money, I will not be there, "- repeating Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev.

Yes, of course: where to invest now — in village of my grandfather? But it was necessary not to give in 2004, control of the Swiss, and leave yourself, and work with the "Russian magnesium" could be now. Such are they foreign investment. Shareholder stood up on the wrong foot, sold his controlling interest is unclear to whom — and hello to Shishkin, as they say. Provide all this at the time officials were, of course, does not do. Would ask them, "Are you home and do that?"

Analyst IFC "Unison Capital" Alexander Parfenov believes that the Swiss company withdrew from the project due to lack of initiative on the part of the Russian authorities: the construction of the plant is constantly postponed. Senior analyst at IFC "BrokerCreditService" Oleg and Paul estimates that 50% of the value of the "Russian magnesium" no more than $ 50 million «Minmet Financing Company managed to invest in the project such a sum. I guess she decided to pick them up — was quoted as "Kommersant". — Given that any performance of the business has not achieved, it is unlikely the "Russian magnesium" can cost as much. "

Ridiculous, in general, the amount. Whether it was necessary for her to call the Swiss the "Russian magnesium"?

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