Amnesty International demands release of Sannikov and other

The human rights organization Amnesty International has condemned the sentences that were Andrei Sannikov, Paul Seviarynets, Sergey and Irina Khalip Martselev for participation in the post-election protest December 19, 2010 in Minsk.

"Andrei Sannikov and other activists were convicted solely for the fact that they have exercised their right to peaceful protest. They be immediately and unconditionally released. Their conclusion — another example of the relentless persecution by the Belarusian authorities of any form of disagreement with them, "- said John Dalgoysen, one of the program directors of Amnesty International.

According to Amnesty International, Belarus is now 11 prisoners of conscience who have been convicted or arrested in connection with the events of December 19 2010.

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