An apocalyptic





"The wind blows where it wishes …"

The Gospel of John


…Who in life, someone on television, but — alas! see terrible things it became customary. The bitter reality, "horror", blood, violence, sex in all kinds of … (Did Leo Tolstoy wrote about a young man looking at a scene of violence psychologically on the side of the perpetrator, not the victim).

Not that juveniles, young children behold the like, almost from birth! Yes, and "under the chips!" So you can grow a whole generation with a distorted mentality, that evil pleasure, deaf to goodness, mercy, therefore — the spiritually dead.

The instinct of self-preservation of the moral and social warns of universal degeneration — the spiritual and the physical. Religion, art, culture, morality — are designed to evoke the best aspects of the human soul, to give the necessary for this example, and in a caring way that the society is not degraded.

And now we see how little by little is a substitution of artistic, moral works, cleansing the soul, to the contrary in their effects, anti-artistic, immoral and corrupting that train into the abyss of failure dyavolochelovechestva. "Woe unto the world because of offenses" (Matthew, XVIII, 7).

It becomes increasingly difficult to avoid the bad in the children's souls, to cultivate in them the good. It has long been known that if in ignorance of their children entirely to permissiveness, you get a monster. First, who are reaping the benefits of such "education" — the parents who were not able to sow and nurture the good, and temper the child spiritually. It is important to invest in the soul of the concept of God.


Everyone understands that our Earth is necessary (at least for the elementary self-preservation) to understand themselves physically and spiritually "rules of the road" for this life.

The initial condition of the further (relative) freedom — knowledge. Moreover, a certain part of the knowledge we get "on faith" that is not learning from their mistakes (many of which can be simply fatal), and guided by authoritative views.

Children in the short-term stages of their growth perceive as the father or mother of God. Then they consciously or unconsciously looking for new gods, who can believe. Perhaps the search for the holy — outline of the life of every human soul. We love those who believe in the one who gives us a new and beautiful world. Such a person in our eyes is the likeness of God.

For many, their job: work, family, children — that work in which they express themselves, it is the service that is sacred to them. Because faith, love and service — are inseparable.


Why God created us free? Freedom implies the possibility of choice … Authoritative books, in particular, the Vedas say that God should not slavish obedience, and love, co-creation. But it must be earned.

Every living soul, irrespective of their degree of inherent scale, seeks to expand (still) wants to live on his own volition. God is so merciful, that does not preclude our desire to act on my own. He created the material world for the manifestation of this freedom. There are mainly embodied souls of those who are not always constant to His law — the law of freedom, love, creativity, and selfishly inclined to recognize the right of freedom only for themselves, to love only themselves, that is, tends to absorb. There is no limit as modest desire to replace the broken trough soon turns into insatiable ambition, truly planetary.

According to the law of karma all their actions as a result of abuse of freedom, comes back to the one who committed it. Metered and everyone pays his own measure. No one can escape responsibility for their actions until they redeem the evil done and the consequences of not choose true freedom: the freedom of the spirit in God, according to his will. Because OH — Creator of the universe, and not vice versa. "For my yoke — the good and my burden is light …" (Matthew, XI, 30).


All souls are endowed with conscience, and in the sacred scriptures of the planet — in the Vedas, the New Testament, the Koran and the other One God opened Act, the Truth and the Way, the highest authority of knowledge presented — the regulative principles in order to enable people to confront rampant passions.

No one is left without support and has the ability (yet physically alive on earth) contact the side of Good and Light, to repent of their sins, redeem the evil that caused things, words and even thoughts.

Ideas, desires, as you know, are different. By no means all of them can be indulged. There are those which are nothing but harm can not. To help get rid of them — so save a man and his soul. If these "ideas" are a direct threat to other people and the world, even from the point of view of normal human morality he has no rights over them. Typically, these people are willing to unlimited freedom only to themselves personally (and this is evil: what draws all over, puts himself as the center of the universe). Protivobozheskoe demonic — it's an absolute vampire.

The doom of the evil lies in the fact that all of its representatives in relation to each other are polusoyuznikami-poluzhertvami. They have an urge to vzaimopozhiraniyu: everyone (at least in my dreams) wants to be the only tyrant. It is envious, madly envious of God and, of course, each other. Odurmanivayas every way possible — from drugs to self-deception — drown out the voice of God in himself, the conscience. This may, as they say, neither in God nor the devil do not believe, for the reason that they imagine themselves at the same time the embodiment of turning into reality in the chelovekoorudie demonic forces (which, incidentally, is also subject to the laws of karmic retribution) …


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