And it would be nice to Lukashenko challenged Sidorsky

The closer the autumn society and setting a date for future presidential elections, especially in our mail messages from listeners who make assumptions and predictions about which of the Belarusian politicians dare to compete with Alexander Lukashenko, who has a chance to stop the sixteen career unchangeable Belarusian leader.

In one of the letters on this subject today and start a conversation. Our long-time friend Vasily Cornflower with Radoshkovichi Maladzechna area the only real contender in the upcoming election Lukashenko see his teammate today. The listener writes:

"Recently on the TV screen is very rare to see the prime minister Sergei Sidorskiy. Instead, more and more is the Deputy Prime Minister Semashko. Apparently, the second may soon replace the first one.

And it would be nice if Mr. Sidorsky that may remain unemployed, ventured to move to a higher position. Namely — announced his candidacy for the presidential elections.

This, of course, a big risk. But, on the other hand, and more likely to win re-election.

Sidorsky — a major economic leader, not the opposition. But we know that most of our citizens on the opposition — an allergy, which instilled in them the state propaganda.

By the same last name is on everyone's lips, a man for a long time was the second person in the state.

For the Russian leadership is — is also acceptable figure. At the very least, it is adequate. And it's clear that none of the other candidates in the current system is not able to pass.

Much depends on the Kremlin. Will he be able to negotiate with Sidorsky promise that in the event of failure to elect him to guarantee a good job in Russia?

Here's a possible castling, as said in the recent past, one known to all policies ".

Indeed, for such a scenario as a possible today, many say. It should, however, bear in mind that Sergei Sidorsky (or another high-ranking official, who would dare to challenge Alexander Lukashenko) no longer has to worry as much future employment in the event of failure, as guarantee of personal safety and freedom. Once upon a former prime minister (I mean Michael Chyhir) have already tried to get Alexander Lukashenko, to express their own political ambitions. And his example all the bureaucratic nomenclature, it was stated that the punishment for such aslushenstva come fast and hard.

On the possibility and the probability of regime change in Belarus says in his letter, and our long-time author Ales Martinovic from Baranovichy. He writes:

"The latest scandal in relations with Moscow, Lukashenko of Belarus makes for a good opportunity to finally go through a model of Moldova to the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland. I think something along those lines will happen, but it will be very different and not so as for two decades waiting for the Belarusian national democrats.

I think by the year 2016 got stronger and hardened nomenclature would require amending the Constitution and the establishment of a parliamentary republic: the so-groups easier to govern and maintain a balance of interests. Probably, Lukashenko is preparing for this now, and will make the next five years. This is the same guarantee of future peaceful life and his and Kohli, Dima, Viti …

Nomenclature, which grew by Lukashenko, is fully aware that "social programs, Minimal" people need to ensure the same way as it did for many years Lukashenko. The Belarusian national democracy that its oak roots firmly associated with anti-Russian and Polish-Baltic ideas of European integration a la Pozniak early 90s, will remain on the sidelines.

Thus, the "glorious" Lukashenko to 2016, the property transfers power and range of a businessman who set the mode, similar to those that have been established in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Argentina — in the economy. As for the national-ideological aspect, it will not Trusova country, Dubovcy, Borshevsky and Vyachorka, not a clone of Poland and Lithuania. It will be a kind of separatist government in Russia, with Russian-moskvotsentristskoy culture ".

Belarusian history of the past sixteen years, all of the many elections and referendums that have taken place in the country during this time, rather incline to a different conclusion, Mr. Martinovic: that Alexander Lukashenko no plans to transfer to any recipient whatsoever adanaasobnay his government has never had and does not have, that his position is always and under all circumstances, defends in all possible ways. Thus, a serious conflict with the Moscow Kremlin Lukashenko has an impact on the presidential campaign in Belarus, which is due to start soon. But is the possibility of a large Russian leadership to their own opinion to establish regimes in neighboring countries, where long-term change of authoritarian leaders?

About the Belarusian-Russian relations and the threat of Russian imperialism for the Belarusian Independence says in his letter to the "freedom" of former Soviet officer Nicholas Kanahovich of Pruzany. He writes:

"Just turn on the TV BT — once you hear it all the votes are cast for the eternal brotherhood of Belarusian and Russian people. This is all the screaming — from pensioners to schoolchildren. Not to mention the Lukashenka officials who, it seems, nothing else to say no know how. "

Further in his letter to Nicholas Kanahovich recounts numerous grievances, mutually committed Belarusians and Russians for centuries. Particular emphasis he does on recent history. Another quote from the letter:

"Only in the 20th century, Moscow once wanted traded our territory and people — like a cabbage in the market. Today Belarus is Russian protectorate — and this is the most vile form of colonization. And this is called the Brotherhood? Knowing avid chauvinist nature of Russian imperialism , a relationship with them should be confined to trade. And then — via a secure border. And the least of other relations. Only then will we preserve its statehood ".

Recently, the Belarusian state television, Mr Nicholas, often you can hear the thoughts of Russia, in tune with yours, and not the propaganda of "eternal brotherhood." Belarusian and Russian regimes, having failed to agree on the extent and forms of influence and dependence, are mutually rigid media war. Although in the interests of ordinary people — not the oath of brotherhood and trade wars, and even, predictable, friendly relations with its neighbors — without disputes and grievances without intimidation and begging alms.

At the beginning of summer in the air of our radio often sounded memoir Galina mine — a journalist who has worked for more than forty years on Radio Liberty. Our long-time friend Michael Danko of David-Gorodok Stolin District impressed by what he heard in his letter writes:

"I am very grateful for the opportunity to listen to the memories of Galina Mine" Migratory Birds. "It was a story of life and a girl who lived in the occupation, and the young woman who has found her place in life, and a sweet old lady who gives us all the good that it has acquired in his life — a great experience, kindness and love for the Motherland. How sad that the end of this transfer. glamor I listened to her with repeats once had the time.

Memories of Galina mine can be compared only with the memories of Vasil Bykov. Style is similar. I very much hope that, when memories of Galina mine will be in the "Library of Liberty", then get them and me. Very grateful to you for everything. During a hearing on "Freedom" I feel truly free man ".

On the same theme expressed in his letter Tamara Tsetsyankova from Minsk. She writes:

"Listening to the transmission of Liberty not long ago, but many of them have interested me. They are very timely and informative — especially historical, memories of our famous Belarusians. Very shocked memories of Galina Mine" Migratory Birds. "They — the history and fate of our Belarus her long-suffering way. How good would it be to hear the memories of today's pupils and students — the ones who will have to work hard to get on his feet firmly in this life.

This year, my granddaughter has stood first in his life exams and was admitted to the school. So I thought the best gift for her on this occasion could be the memories of people who exemplify in their lives. This knowledge and memory, and pride — for life ".

Thank you, dear listeners, for such a heartfelt and sincere words to us. Indeed, we expect that a book of memories of Galina Mine "migratory birds" will be released soon in the "Library of freedom." Then you, Mr. Michael, you, Tamara, and many other members of the "Freedom" that express a desire to that — be able to get it from us as a gift.

The request comes to us and Igor Earth from the village Novastepanavka Dnipropetrovsk region, from Ukraine. In his letter, he writes:

"I listen to your programs for a long time — almost 6 years. I am Ukrainian, but thanks to the Belarusian" Freedom ", listening to you, learned the Belarusian language. And now I can speak a little and read in Belarusian.

Your transfer me very much, they are very interesting. Even more interesting to the football World Cup. So I did during the world soccer championship listened to you every day and night and in the morning. I try not to miss a single transmission.

And now I have a request. Could you please send by post any book in the Belarusian language? This would give me the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the Belarusian language ".

I note that the letter was written by Igor good Belarusian language. Hopefully, Igor, that one of the books from the series "Library of Liberty," which we will soon send as a gift, you will continue to deepen their knowledge in the Belarusian language, and history.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write on "Freedom." Since you were Valentin Zhdanko. Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, mailbox one hundred and eleventh

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