Animal fear. Frog watch online

Animal fear.  Frog watch online
Are you afraid of animals? No, it's not about shaggy kittens and puppies. Rats, spiders, bats, sharks — animal the world is full of terrible creatures. To avoid fatal situations, nature has given man a sense of horror. But it is often converted into a horror annoying phobia. And together with our imagination and legends about the different members of the animal world the horrors of the subconscious can reincarnate into a real life horror. Where is the narrow edge separating the sense of horror from a phobia. Where did the negative perception of animals. How to learn to create even the most unpresentable for what they are, not as they Renders them our imagination.

"When I was quite small, I was afraid of the rain. Thought I would come frogs, and all destroyed." Ted is afraid of frogs. Such a confusing state he experiences from childhood. Create a face pupyrchatoy toads, for him, all the same that look into the face of absolute evil. Frogs and toads — amphibious creatures. Dwelling on land and in the water, they constantly have to look to their skin has dried to deter adversaries, they produce toxins …

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