Anomaly on the ridge Medveditskaia

Authors: Anastasia Martynov, Vasiliy Shulga

Poaching — the phenomenon of crime, but from the point of view of human vices and weaknesses understandable. But how about the fact that defies logical explanation, and yet, kind of like there. At least in the eyes of people who fervently wish to believe "in something other than".
Medveditskaya ridge is a list of the most mysterious places on the map of Russia. For the last 20 years of her trying to explore different specialists. Physicists draw constantly appearing here fireballs, historians — the centuries-old caves. However, all still get to work can not, because they are afraid of meeting with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. It is said that in the hilly mountains, which stretch to the north of the Volgograd region, has long been unexplained things.

Gennady Belimov, chairman of the Volga group to study anomalous phenomena, participated in expeditions to the area of the Tunguska meteorite was looking for Bigfoot and ghosts. Organizing a team to the area to study anomalies, became fascinated Medveditskaia ridge. Several years have not passed in vain.
The film crew also went to the TVC Medveditskaia ridge. Accompany us took a group of enthusiasts. Before the trip, instructed: "If it is not in good faith, by the bad and the camera will break." So we drove into the Zone.

Vyacheslav Frolov, a researcher of anomalous phenomena:
"It Shanhayka, as it is called by the locals. Three or four times seen here and flies off a disc-shaped object. Assuming an alien version, you can consider this mountain portal. Here often strange things happen. I can only explain, they say that the Zone live. See, does not even take off. Yeah, it started to rain storm. "
Those who have been here before us, decide to go back and finish the expedition. Our tour of the anomalous zone continued the next day. Already with another tour guide.

Vladimir Titov, a specialist in working with farmers administration Zhirnovsky area:
"Did you see the landing? Here, I draw, bleached bald patches, like a mirror. And no one can explain.'s Scorched grass everywhere."

It turns out that before these lands safely graze sheep, sheep helm of the entire area. In the 90's all broken up, the earth there is no one to handle. Under the feet of iron ore, it is also necessary to nobody, recognized unpromising field. Local certain ore is the cause of all misfortunes. New Residents closest to the abnormal area of the village, look at the sky once. But the unusual phenomena still notice: strange objects with a bluish glow.
So Medveditskaya ridge became famous throughout the world, tourists from different countries are rushing to the north of the Volgograd region. Local skeptics do not believe anything, and explain the "strong energy areas," the proximity of spaceports — "Baikonur" and "Kaputin Yar." Yes, a fair amount of radiation. They are the same.

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