Anyone who does not? Americans are RF better than Russian to America

In the Russian media is now ruled by an evil look towards the United States.
Moscow came to the conclusion that the United States has developed "anti-Russian consensus." This point of view, by the way, and divide Russian society as a whole: according to GMI Poll, 79% of respondents in Russia believe that the U.S. attitude toward the Russian Federation "faster unfriendly", and 45% — even "just not friendly." Only 12% of Russians, according to the World Public Opinion, said that members of the "eight" perceive Russia as a full member of the organization.
Anyone who does not?  Americans are better Russian than to Russian America

Russian attitude of public opinion towards the United States is usually very depending on events in the world political arena. "At first, the 1990 ratio to the U.S. was very positive, but a few disappointments, even fractures that survived the Russian perception of the world — such as the war in Chechnya, the election of 1996, the default of 1998 — 'rocked' attitude to the United States," — says President POF Alexander Oslon. In the decade favorable attitude toward the U.S., typically, more than half of Russians and downs accounted for actions such as the invasion of Iraq, the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, the conflict in Yugoslavia. Then the level of sympathy for America fell to 45%, and during the bombing of Serbia — even up to 33%. At the moment, according to "Levada Center," a favorable attitude toward the U.S. 45-47% of Russians. At the base of these oscillations appear to be jealous of Russians to the American superpower. When the relevance of one or another acute international situation subsides, the level of positive things vorachivaetsya to normal values.

Anyone who does not?  Americans are better Russian than to Russian America

With regard to the Yankees RF the situation is somewhat different. Survey data, released this week, World Public Opinion, show that increasing in the near future tensions between Moscow and the West has not yet affected the mass consciousness. Formed in the middle of the political elite consensus skeptical about the future of democracy in Russia and its place in the G8 is not divisible by public held view that more than half the Yankees believe that our homeland is a full member of the "G" in this range only 11%. Do not have the support and suggestions to exclude Russia from the "G" — its role is considered either a very fundamental principle 88% of respondents. The South American public opinion while looking with optimism even in the future of democracy in Russia: 78% believe that after 10 years of our homeland will be more democratic than at the moment.

In general, in the U.S. at the time had the "care-positive" attitude to the Russian Federation, said Sergei Karaganov, chairman of the external and defense policies. "This attitude took shape after the end of the cool war, when the Americans realized two important things: we are no longer a communist country and we do not hate them — says Karaganov. — Since this attitude if changed, the nekordinalno and all other aspects are fascinating only to a limited the number of groups of politicians and businessmen. " "Average Yankee not very often think of — Russia, "agrees analyst in New York Eurasia Group Denis Maslov. According to the views of Karaganova, a wave of critical publications and presentations at the address RF that, in the 1-x, the system signals, method of translating economic and political wishes, in-2, a manifestation of corporate solidarity of American journalists and liberal intellectuals who condemn any evidence of infringement of democracy, not only in our country.
Yankee attitude toward the Russian Federation over the past decade as a whole has gone through an evolution. According to the research organization Harris Poll, in 2001, 10% of the Yankees considered an ally of Russia, 56% — other, but not an ally, and 7% — the enemy.

By May 2002, according to ABC News, a positive attitude toward the Russian Federation already two-thirds of the Yankees. The present attitude in Russia is based specifically on the moment of inertia after. And on this day, the U.S. has no significant electoral moods, which could rely on policy, wishing to hold an even tougher policy toward Moscow. Though read that the political processes in Russia does not have an impact on attitude to it by ordinary Yankees, too, is not necessary.

Attitude towards immigrants.

A study conducted by sociologists put their own in order to find, as the Americans are immigrants from other countries.

British: they are positive 66% negative — 6%
Irish: respectively 62% and 7%
Natives of the Russian Federation: 59% and 9%
The Germans are 57% and 11%
Italians 56% and 10%
Poles: 53% and 12%
Living in the country of the rising sun: 47% and 18%
Chinese: 44% and 19%
Mexican 25% and 34%
Korean: 24% and 30%
Vietnamese 20% and 38%
Cubans 9% Yankees and include excellent and 59% — bad.

The study was conducted in the middle of immigrants who moved to the U.S. from Russia, China, Somalia and Latin America. Despite the fact that among the natives of the Russian Federation, only 13% read as well in English, while 16% do not read as general (it is the smallest level for all surveyed ethnic groups), only 6% of respondents ex-Russians complained about the bad attitude towards them by the Yankees. For comparison: the naughty attitude faced with 36% of Chinese, 29% of Hispanics and 19% of Somalis. Washington ProFile

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